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    Trees 17 11135
    Water 7000 4585000
    Watts 4100 2685500
    Landfill 2.5 1637.5
    CO2 60 39300

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Electronic Data Destruction Process

With our program you can witness and verify that every piece of electronic media or hard drive has been permanently destroyed. Visual verification through physical destruction is really the only reliable destruction method. Why risk stock piling up all of your hard drives or use a third party that takes it back to their facility when you can efficiently, environmentally, responsibly and, most importantly, securely destroy your hard drives - at your location - with us.

Data Consoles & Containers

In order to provide you with absolute security for your electronic data we provide specially designed secure consoles and containers for your hard drives and electronic data bins free of charge.

These security consoles store your confidential data between your destruction service dates. Ideal for the office environment, these consoles are a secure alternative to locking your data in a closet or leaving it in an unsecured area.