How We Make Data Breach-Proofing Your Home Easy

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 5:31 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Your home is your castle — you want to feel snug and secure, but sometimes your castle needs fortification. People have always needed to protect their home, though today’s threats require more than locks and alarm systems to keep you safe.

In an era of hacks and cyber crime, there’s a greater awareness of the threats posed by sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. While high-profile digital crimes have gotten the bulk of the media attention, with major corporations and prominent political parties having their hacks dissected in the public eye, very often smaller targets are preferred because they have fewer resources to invest in security.

A security breach doesn’t need to be digital to be damaging. Many people have vulnerabilities in their own home that they don’t really think about.

Absolute Destruction is the best document shredding company in Aurora or anywhere in the GTA, because we don’t only take security seriously, we make protecting your home easy. Read on to learn about all our services, and how we make it simple for people to make sure there are no liabilities in their home which could lead to a data breach.

Home Paper Shredding

In the course of life in North America, people produce paperwork which identity thieves could exploit to drain their account or even blackmail them. Documents such as tax records, banking information, or papers containing the passwords to account are all an identity thief needs to get their foot in the door.

If your home contains any papers that you no longer need, we make it easy to secure your personal info with document shredding services that come right to your home. We shred it all right outside your premises in our mobile shredding truck.

For larger volumes that need to be destroyed, we can securely transport your paper documents to our facility for shredding. Either way, you never need to worry about the logistics of transporting cumbersome and heavy boxes of paper.

Shredding Electronics

We live in a world full of technology, and information is as likely to be stored on electronic devices as it is on paper. Your home may have old electronic devices storing such information that you don’t use anymore, and if so, it’s safest to have them shredded.

Common devices include old phones, computers, tablets, or hard drives, but those aren’t the only devices that can be your undoing. Printer or photocopier memory cards can also store information that could be used against you.

If you have any of these electronics or others such as hard drives, USB/flash drives, or back-up tapes, get them destroyed securely. We don’t just throw out these electronic devices; we pulverize the microchips to the point where the data on them cannot possibly be retrieved.

Only then is your personal information truly safe. It can be hard to scan such devices to see whether or not they’re storing sensitive information, so if you don’t use them anymore and you’re not sure about everything they contain, the safest thing you could do is have them shredded.

It’s important for everybody to take precautions against all the scammers out there, whether that means cyber criminals or non-digital identity theft. People also want to feel safe and secure in their home. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about any of our shredding services, so your home always feels like your castle.

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