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    Trees 17 11135
    Water 7000 4585000
    Watts 4100 2685500
    Landfill 2.5 1637.5
    CO2 60 39300

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Commercial Shredding Process

There are four types of shredding, destruction and recycling programs available to our customers:

  1. Scheduled:
    Service is provided on a regular weekly, biweekly or monthly schedule. This service includes locked security consoles which store you confidential materials between service dates.
  2. Cleanups:
    We will destroy all records, materials, and products that have accumulated over any period of time or for office moves. To help facilitate this service we provide large shredding storage bins.
  3. Purges:
    Scheduled destruction of archives, books of account and old records.
  4. Call-in:
    Each time service is required, you can simply call us for our truck to be dispatched to collect and shred your confidential material.

Consoles & Containers

In order to provide you with regular and safe recycling services, we provide destruction stickers, canvas bags, tent cards and large lockable bins free of charge.

These security consoles store your confidential material between your paper shredding & document destruction service dates. Ideal for the office environment, these consoles are a secure alternative to in-house shredders.

For larger paper shredding & document destruction requirements or recycling programs we provide a number of container types and sizes, all free of charge.