Professional Document Shredding in Barrie

Absolute Destruction & Recycling provides full-service document destruction services in Barrie and across the Greater Toronto Area. We’re proud to be a Canadian-owned and operated document shredding company specializing in both document and electronic data destruction.

We’re committed to professional and affordable services without increasing our carbon footprint and provide on-site mobile and off-site shredding services in Barrie and 19 other cities across Southern Ontario.

When it comes to your data, your privacy is our priority.

Document Shredding Services in Barrie

Absolute Destruction delivers a wide range of document destruction services in Barrie with significant environmental awareness and a high level of professionalism.

When you have unwanted documents or data that need to be destroyed, you can trust our company to securely eliminate your items without compromising your information.

Learn how our document shredding company in Barrie can help you protect your data.

Document Destruction

If you have files that you no longer need, our Barrie document shredding company can help. We’ll collect and destroy any unwanted files securely and efficiently, from business contracts to blueprints and more.

Data Destruction

Your electronic data can be compromised if your e-waste is not properly destroyed. We provide professional data destruction services in Barrie that you can rely on for old laptops to tablets, USBs and more.

Specialty Destruction

With our specialty destruction services, we make sure unique items that cannot be traditionally shredded are destroyed securely. We collect branded uniforms, X-rays, custom packaging, ID cards, X-rays and more.

On-Site Mobile Destruction

Our easy and efficient mobile shredding services help Barrie’s citizens securely destroy their files without compromising their data. Our team will arrive on time and on-site for your convenience and peace of mind.

Off-Site Destruction

If your old files are taking up too much space, we can help. With our off-site destruction services in Barrie, our technicians will collect your files and provide a certificate of destruction for your peace of mind.

One-Time Purge Destruction

When you have an urgent need for data collection and destruction, a professional paper shredding company in Barrie can help. We’ll arrive on-site and on time to deliver efficient, eco-friendly services.

Regularly Scheduled Destruction

Our regular document destruction services in Barrie include complimentary security consoles and containers for your safety and are available with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly collections for your convenience.

Hard Drive Destruction

We provide professional and affordable hard drive destruction services in Barrie that will ensure your information remains private and your old backup tapes or computer hard drives are never accessed by the public.

Document Shredding Companies in Barrie

Barrie is an economically diverse city with various outdoor activities and thriving local businesses to enjoy. As the city continues to grow, so does the amount of paper and electronic information circulating. Shredding companies in Barrie are essential to help protect commercial and residential data from circulating.

We’re proud to be one of the top shredding companies in Barrie, with over 20 years of experience and customer satisfaction under our belts. We provide a range of professional on-site mobile and off-site destruction services to serve our client’s needs.

What Our Customers are Saying

We take pride in ensuring our customers are satisfied at every stage of our process, from the initial data or document collection to the final destruction certificate. Our processes are designed to reduce our carbon footprint while maximizing efficiency and convenience.

We will protect your sensitive information at all costs.

Bill D.

“Good afternoon. Your drivers just left and I wanted to quickly send a note of thanks. They were courteous and extremely helpful. I rarely see this type of service and will be sure to pass a recommendation to my business colleagues. Great job, keep up the great work!”

Rose R.

“Hello, I thought I would send you a brief note of thanks for the wonderful service and polite drivers. Thank you.”

Choose Absolute Destruction for Document Shredding in Barrie

Our company is proud to be a part of the ever-expanding city of Barrie. We serve both the business and residential communities by protecting and safeguarding your critical information while maintaining confidentiality. We securely destroy sensitive documents in our mobile fleet with reliable on-site and off-site destruction services in Barrie and serve 20 cities across the GTA.

We have been successfully operating here for over two decades, serving customers from businesses just like yours. Our typical customers include Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Residential and more. Different types of businesses from small to large, we serve them all!

If you need a professional paper shredding company in Barrie, trust our team to get the job done right.

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