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Toronto is one of the most diverse and dynamic cities in North America, and arguably the commerce capital of Canada. While many only think of the bustling downtown core with it’s financial and entertainment districts, sprouting condominiums and infamous nightlife, the Greater Toronto Area comprises multiple areas and has nearly six million residents. As the city and skyline continues to grow, Toronto increasingly has a larger impact on Canada’s economy. Over the years Absolute Destruction has been providing document destruction services across the GTA to businesses both large and small, and today we are revolutionizing the document destruction industry with cutting edge services and a dedication to providing reliable, quality service.

As the city of Toronto and it’s financial district has evolved, we have actively kept pace by offering cutting edge services and constantly improving our data destruction systems. Not only are we proud members of the (NAID) but our mobile on-site shredding services include Certifications Of Destruction, and this is just one of the many ways we safeguard your staff and customer’s vital data. We can provide your company with quantitative analyses of your recycling efforts, making it easy to show clients your green initiatives. Wouldn’t it be great to include a ‘total number of trees saved by us’ total in your next consumer report, all while spending less on recycling and security costs?

Whether you are looking for on site shredding services in the downtown core of Toronto or need service at your residential based business in the GTA, it’s our goal to surpass your data destruction service expectations and ensure your confidential information remains safe. Absolute Destruction is Toronto’s expert in data protection and recycling, and no matter where your business is located in the GTA we can help you keep your vital data safe regardless of the form of media it’s on. We work with our clients to build relationships, listen to feedback, improve our services and adjust our services to your needs.

Greg L. writes…”My office in downtown Toronto was struggling to find an on site shredding company that we could rely on. After hiring you on a part time basis, you have become our company of choice and have helped us greatly improve our waste management and recycling systems… we look better to both our shareholders and our clients.”

Robert W. writes…“The level of service we received was simply impressive, both from the customer service end and the interactions with on-site workers. You worked with us to develop customized on-site document destruction and recycling system to meet our needs and the office has never been more organized. Thanks again.”

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