Covid-19 Statement

Absolute Destruction & Recycling Corp

Here at ADR, we are taking proactive measures to keep our team & communities safe in these trying times of Covid-19. Our primary focus is the health and well-being of our employees and our customers.

Our objective remains to safely provide information destruction service and security, while also keeping the health of customers and employees in mind. We are maintaining up-to-date Health & Safety policies and procedures for all our employees. In an effort to demonstrate our commitment to Health & Safety and transparency for our customers, the following represents strict protocols we have in place.

  • Any employee feeling ill, even with the mildest of symptoms, are not permitted on company or client property.
  • Where possible, employees who are presenting with symptoms are permitted to work from home.
  • All employees are required to sanitize their hands when entering work premises and to sanitize work surfaces, including keyboards, cell phones, keys, equipment.
  • All Technicians (drivers) will have their own dedicated truck until further notice.
  • Technicians (drivers) are required to sanitize their vehicle upon entering and existing at each time.
  • All Technicians (drivers) are required to wear protective masks and gloves and must maintain at least a 2 meter distance from any individuals.
  • Clients will not sign for the document of destruction manifest during this time. Instead our Technician (driver) will note the name of the authorized person they are collecting material from.
  • Customers are required to leave all shredded material at a pre-determined entryway (i.e. Loading dock, Shipping/Receiving/entry door) to prevent drivers/technicians from entering premises.

Our ADR customer service team may call ahead in order to be made aware of any circumstance that would require a change of normal service. Additionally, if your office will be closed or require special instructions, please let us know prior by contacting ADR at or by phone at 866-997-3334 or 905-841-0298

We will continue to modify plans and implement new procedures as the current situation evolves. As we do so, we will continue to communicate any changes directly to you, our valued and trusted customers.

Thank you for your cooperation. We greatly appreciate your dedication as we work through these challenging times together.

President. Absolute Destruction & Recycling Corp

Peter Moody

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