3 Reasons Your Company Needs Commercial Shredding Services

Monday, April 6, 2020 4:13 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Many people have misconceptions about modern professional shredding services. Even in our super advanced digital era, every business has tangible material on them containing sensitive information.

While stories about hacks are more likely to receive media attention, here are three reasons why your business needs commercial paper shredding services by professionals like Absolute Destruction.

1. Couldn’t Be More Convenient

Perhaps over the years, your business has accumulated boxes and boxes of paper and now you’re not sure what to do with them; logistically, the idea of transporting so many heavy boxes poses problems.

Physicality aside, the documents are each sensitive, and there could be problems if even one page goes missing or unaccounted for.

Hiring a reliable document shredding company with mobile shredding service means you can eliminate every piece of paper without having to lift a finger. For small amounts of paper to be eliminated, we can come right to your office and destroy it all from the curbside in our mobile shredding truck.

For larger amounts of paper documents to be destroyed, we can still come right to your premises, but we’ll securely pick up all your documents and bring them to our facility and destroy them there. Either way, you’ll receive proof that we can keep your data out of the wrong hands in the form of a certificate of destruction we give after the job is complete.

2. Shredding Beyond Paper

Naturally, a lot of the sensitive information in your office is stored on electronic devices. We live in a technological era, and there are many kinds of devices storing such information — Absolute Destruction can destroy them all.

Here is a short list of electronics commonly found in offices which we destroy:

  • Laptops
  • Old smartphones or cell phones
  • Tablets
  • Desktops
  • Printer or photocopier memory cards
  • USBs or flash drives

If you can do a factory reset on a laptop so as to reuse it for a different employee, that’s a secure way to reuse expensive machines. But keeping unused liabilities around the office is just asking for trouble: we’ll pulverize the microchips on the devices until the data on them cannot possibly be retrieved.

We also destroy specialty objects such as ID cards, access cards, and even many kinds of industry-specific liabilities such as X-rays or dental moulds. Any sensitive information you have, we specialise in destroying it!

3. NAID Members

How do you know that the professional shredders you hire are serious about security? Absolute Destruction is one of only about 2,000 companies in the world belonging to the National Association for Information Destruction, known as NAID.

NAID is the only watchdog association for secure data destruction operators worldwide, championing the protection of personally identifiable information, intellectual property, and any other information that businesses need to keep absolutely private.

Don’t rely on a company to destroy your sensitive data unless they are a member of NAID.

Having a comprehensive plan to keep your company safe from all modern threats requires having a strategy for digital and non-digital threats. When it comes to paper, electronics, and specialty shredding, call Absolute Destruction to get it all destroyed in a way that is environmentally friendly, secure and convenient.

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