Guest Privacy 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Shredding Services for Hotels

Thursday, February 8, 2024 4:57 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Everybody deserves privacy, but delivering privacy in a building where hundreds of people come in and out daily can be complicated. Hotel guests share lots of sensitive information when they book a room, including their credit card number, contact information, and more. Even their location, that they appeared in the hotel at all, is private. […]

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How Shredding Services Can Help Improve Productivity in Your Home Office

Friday, September 8, 2023 4:01 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

If you have a home office, you’ve probably found it’s become a dumping ground for old bills, paperwork from the kids’ school, tax records and other miscellaneous documents. The office is an easy place to put personal documents to one side, close the door, and tell yourself you’ll find the time to deal with them […]

A photo of a blue-coloured home office. There's a wrap-around desk with two chairs, and computer monitors with a window in between

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Shredding for Non-Profits and Charities: How to Maintain Donor Privacy

Thursday, August 10, 2023 10:40 am, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Non-profits and charities — whether staffed by paid employees or run by volunteers — have a moral and, in some cases, a legal obligation to keep their donors’ personal information private. When a member of the public chooses to get behind your cause by generously supporting your charity through a one-time donation or a standing […]

A close-up or a black typewriter with a sheet of paper feeding it. The paper says, ‘Privacy Policy’ in large, black text

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