A Purge Can Improve Your Surroundings And Security

Thursday, April 12, 2018 6:57 am, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Do you find it’s difficult to be productive in the spaces where you live or work? Maybe you feel weighed down or not completely comfortable because your surroundings are cluttered and closing in on you? It doesn’t feel like a big deal to skip a clean-up here or there; at the time, it feels important to keep all of your paperwork and receipts. You hold onto useless items you imagine needing down the line. It’s important to give our offices and homes a good purge once and awhile to get rid of the unnecessary build-up of waste that collects slowly over time. Decluttering can improve the way you feel as well as your security.

The team at Absolute Destruction & Recycling is here to make this much easier with our secure, one-time clean-up and purge services. This can be a substantial job, especially if it’s been awhile! Doing some pre-planning streamlines the task and can even make the whole process feel good. Really! Make a list of the things you’d ideally like to purge by room. Start with easier things like trash and recycling bins. Move onto the items you might be more hesitant about: old files, clothing, mismatching décor, outdated technology, unfortunate gifts, etc. Anything that’s in good shape can be donated, given to someone else, or potentially sold. Any item that contains personal information needs to be handled properly. Once the list is complete, you can begin. Be sure to check off things as you go to keep you moving and motivated.

Going through paper files might seem overwhelming. Sit in a comfortable area and go through each file and separate into ‘Keeping’ and ‘Shredding’ piles. Anything that’s not necessary to hold onto but that contains any personal information should be shredded. Give us a call to schedule an appointment and we’ll take care of the rest: from picking up sensitive materials, to safe destruction on-site, to transporting it to be recycled. All of our services are performed by uniformed, bonded, and photo I.D.’d Customer Service Representatives. Our reps will issue an invoice with time in and out and provide you with a “Certificate of Destruction” and “Guarantee of Recycling.” Take care of document destruction in Oakville or in the surrounding GTA. Our services also extend to other areas in Southern Ontario.

It’s important to properly dispose of your old hard drives, CDs, and disks that are no longer in use, lingering around and taking up space. Identity theft is a major problem and the wrong people can access you, your loved one’s, your employees’, or your clients’ personal information from any of these sources. Once you’ve backed up any relevant information, Absolute Destruction can safely destroy your old electronics and disks. This regular process is a must for companies, government institutions, and businesses. Throwing them away, selling them after degaussing, or leaving them to collect dust is unacceptable. The liabilities are enormous: federal and provincial laws require the proper destruction of sensitive information prior to disposal and the repercussions in terms of customer confidence and legal compliance can be severe.

Visit our on-going service page to learn more and get your questions answered by checking our FAQ. A good purging of your home or office feels good and can offer peace-of-mind by getting rid of files and electronics that are risky to keep lying around. Do it right with our help!

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