Alternative Uses To Shredded Paper & How They Measure Up To Our Recycling Program

Monday, November 23, 2015 7:57 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

As strong advocates for the environment, we aren’t blind to the green movement that’s sweeping the nation. Indeed, we encourage anyone who is willing to embrace the 3Rs to do their part to improve their neighbourhood and the world at large. Upcycling in particular is gaining popularity across the GTA, as creative people are finding new ways to use old materials. While websites like Pinterest and Instagram can showcase elaborate projects using unusual materials, upcycling usually incorporates basic household waste. Even shredded paper hasn’t escaped this trend.

Clever people are using shredded paper in a variety of original ways. It can help out in the garden, used as mulch or nourishment for growing plants. If enough shredded paper is collected, it can be used as stuffing for homemade pillows, pet beds, scarecrows, and parcels transporting fragile materials. Some particularly enterprising individuals have shared with the online community their attempts at making their own paper from the shredded remains of old bills, while more practical homeowners have used it as kindling for their fire pits.

On any given day, our mobile shredding experts see hundreds of pounds of shredded paper in its raw form. It can be fascinating to learn how people around the world are transforming such a familiar material into surprising and creative new things.

But for our customers who have simply too much shredded paper, reusing isn’t a viable option. Corporate clients and those households that need weekly scheduled pick-ups create far too much waste to use for any purpose. And as we are in the business of security in addition to being a committed supporter of the environment, we don’t suggest our commercial clients attempt to re-use shredded paper. Creative projects allow un-vetted people to have access to your shredded material and do with it as they wish. Ultimately, it exposes your company to security risks that aren’t worth the final results.

Our mobile shredding service is the only guaranteed way to properly dispose of sensitive records and correctly recycle them. From beginning to end, our process ensures confidentiality at every step. Before our mobile shredding trucks arrive at your door, we’ll provide top of the line secure containers to hold soon-to-be shredded paper and digital media. Once placed into these containers, the documents will be accessed by no one but our uniformed, bonded representatives. At a time that’s convenient for you, our team will arrive and collect the material to destroy it completely on-site. After supplying a “Guarantee of Destruction”, our team will personally transport the shredded material to a secure recycling plant, where it will be broken down and reused on a large scale.

We also deliver a “Guarantee of Recycling” that ensures all of the collected and shredded material – physical and digital – is recycled properly. Since 2009, we’ve managed to save over 11,000 trees, 4.5 million gallons of water, 2.5 million kwh, and 1,600 cubic yards of landfill space. In addition to a reduction of nearly 40,000 pounds of air pollution, our environmental stats are far more impressive than a dog bed filled with shredded paper.

It can be fun to peruse the internet and see the fun and talented pictures hosted on Pinterest, but when it comes to shredded confidential material, fun isn’t worth it. The creative reusing and upcycling projects pose too many risks. You can still do your part for the environment and enjoy the security of fully shredded documents by setting up an appointment for our shredding services. Leave the shredding and recycling to the experts, and embrace green DIY in other areas of your life!

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