Be Smart With Your Smartphone

Friday, May 15, 2015 6:38 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

As technology improves, our cellphones are capable of doing more each day. From paying bills online to adjusting the temperature of our homes remotely to keeping in touch with people across the world, these rectangular gadgets make life easier. They also create new ways to make our lives harder. As we load up our smartphones with personal information, it’s more important now than ever before to properly protect our phones.

No one ever plans on having their phone stolen, but it does happen. In 2013, approximately 3 million Americans were victims of cell phone theft. Coupled with the fact that your cell phone is incredibly easy to misplace on your own, you need to ensure that anyone who steals or surreptitiously finds your lost phone can’t access your information.

Every smartphone is equipped with a basic password protection function that stops unwanted users from entering its files and seeing private pictures, emails, or accounts. Most androids and iPhones can be protected by a convenient pattern lock, whereby you swipe along a grid to connect dots in the right order to unlock your phone. For those mobile users who dislike this privacy measure, there are always the tried-and-true methods of alpha-numeric passwords to keep your phone inaccessible to those without knowledge of your password. It doesn’t matter which security key you choose as long as you have one.

You should also be cautious of how you use your phone. As our smartphone’s capabilities continue to grow, people have shifted away from the idea that the device is merely a phone. While it can seem like a good idea to stock your phone with various programs and games, it’s best to show some restraint. Be sure to read the app’s terms and conditions when you first download it to your phone, as well as when it asks for permission to update. Most apps – not just those that access your financial accounts – will have access to your personal information and phone history, so you only want to grant access to trusted sources.

These are a couple of way to ensure security while you’re using your phone, but you can continue to protect your information even after you’ve purchased a new one. Let’s face it – you’re likely to upgrade your phone sometime or another. Most people do after a year or two or whenever their phone ceases to keep up with them. You might even have a collection of old phones collecting dust in your basement.

Some people think that deleting your files and returning the device to its factory settings is enough, but it doesn’t comprehensively purge data. Those who know how retrieve supposedly deleted files can reverse this process, finding your old passwords, banking information, contact history, and private photos you’d rather not share.

To guarantee that no one will access your information again, you need to ensure the complete and utter destruction of your phone. Our electronic data service confirms your smartphone (and any other electronic device) is destroyed to complete pulverization. Without an intact motherboard to read, skilled technicians can’t retrieve your personal data. By having our mobile trucks destroy your smartphone, you can also ensure all of the remaining parts (or dust) can be recycled properly.

Owning a smartphone is a responsibility as much as it is a privilege. Ensuring the complete destruction of your old phone is just as important as using it with caution when it’s new. Contact us today to see how you can schedule an appointment with our electronic data experts, and we’ll guarantee that nothing can be gleaned from your outdated phone and other digital devices again.

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