Bigger Ways Than Pens To Be More Eco-Friendly At Work

Friday, October 12, 2018 9:58 am, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Being environmentally-friendly doesn’t stop at the home. Commercial entities need to be even more aware and careful with their resource and energy use as the overwhelming influence on the environment. Little actions like using reusable pens and recycled paper aren’t meaningless, but larger steps need to be the focus. By far, corporate activities, manufacturing, and distribution have the biggest negative impact on the environment. And though some would argue individual actions do little compare to these massive entities, if everyone does their part, it all combines to make a difference. Absolute Destruction & Recycling Corp. is invested in protecting our environment and your company. We offer electronic device and document shredding services across Toronto and the surrounding areas in southwestern Ontario. We help companies reduce the threat of data breaches and exposing information while also following safe environmental procedures and practices. Our services are certified and offer a high level of security for businesses and residential properties alike.
E-waste is a major environmental issue
It’s important to properly destroy old data devices and storage drives and have them safely recycled to prevent toxic chemicals from leaking into the earth via landfills or toxic air pollution from incineration. Keeping old electronics, disks, drives, and other items of this nature is also dangerous because they can be easily misplaced, thrown away, or stolen, potentially exposing sensitive information of customers and employees. The same goes for paper documents – call in our mobile shredding trucks and we’ll shred and recycle all paper materials and technology necessary to increase your business’s security.
Go digital whenever possible
Though data breaches do occur, paper leaves businesses and customers more vulnerable to data theft. Hire IT, professionals, if you don’t have your own, to set up secure networks, encryption, and perform external security audits. Don’t mail newsletters or other offers to customers (that could also expose their data, as well). Digitize your filing systems, payroll, etc. You’ll also save money on paper, photocopiers, and printers. eco friendly tips
Allow your employees to work from home
This not only increases employee satisfaction and therefore productivity, but it cuts down on their transit costs and energy. This reduces fossil fuel use and the resources needed for office space and associated costs. Meetings can occur from anywhere thanks to the cloud. In-person meetings can be done at a rented shared workspace.
Completely shut everything down at night
…Except for your security system! Stand-by power on a whole network of computers that stays running, even at a low level continually, is a huge energy suck. Use alternative energy sources to power your office, like solar and wind, and take advantage of natural light. Replace all light bulbs with long-lasting and inexpensive LED bulbs.
It’s important to recycle as many items at the office as possible
Following proper recycling, rules are important to ensure items truly get included in what is recycled and not just sorted and thrown into a landfill. For example, any paper food container that has been heavily soiled, i.e., wet food or liquid has touched it, cannot be recycled. This means pizza boxes and takeout containers. Only put clean containers or slightly soiled ones in recycling – this also ensures the whole collection won’t be contaminated by one leaky bottle of dressing. Enforce rules that employees must only use reusable containers and lunch bags at work. We can’t save the earth until corporations change their devastating activities, but smaller businesses and residential properties can do their part, too. Help protect the environment and sensitive information by calling in Absolute Destruction. You can call us to learn more any time: we’re here for you.

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