Business Green Initiatives Are Supported By Data Shredding

Friday, February 14, 2014 2:42 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

There are a few vital facts that every business, organization, and individual should know about document destruction. Information privacy and data destruction regulations are in place that apply to your business and exist in order to protect individuals from identity theft among other violations.  As a business owner you are interested in helping your customers to trust that you take their privacy seriously and that appropriate precautions are always in place in order to keep their information secure. You can also use education around data destruction to inform employees and clients as to how proper document shredding can help to support your company’s green initiatives.

At Absolute Destruction our ‘Guarantee of Recycling’ is provided to each client after each data destruction session is complete.  This certificate is your assurance that your company’s security has been kept safe but it is also a healthy reinforcement for protecting and improving your green initiatives.  We recycle every bit of material that we can from all data destruction sessions; this applies both to paper and electronic materials.  The lessened impact on water, energy, air pollution and landfills creates a significant contribution to decreasing your carbon footprint.  When information is properly destroyed and then recycled, every business owner is doing their part to protect the environment and eliminate waste. If you are interested in learning more about our savings statistics and want to know how to incorporate a stronger green plan into your own business visit our environment web page at  Having your management team educated about protecting sensitive data as well as supporting environmental commitments within the business is of vital importance to your company. Some of the following acts may apply to your business such as: The Federal Privacy Act, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003.

At Absolute Destruction document destruction we offer you comprehensive and secure options for scheduling data shredding at appropriate intervals so as to protect your business and clients while not disturbing your flow of business.  Document instruction is the smart thing to do. It prevents such things as dumpster diving, information fraud and identity theft and really should just be viewed as a routine part of overall business security. Most businesses upgrade their electronic equipment at regular intervals and a great practice to put in place is that each time a computer or other device is replaced the opportunity should be taken to both eradicate all data from the old hard drives and to recycle the devices as well.   If you are interested in more detailed information about how date destruction is beneficial to your business take a few moments to read our blog at

At Absolute Destruction we are proud of the fact that we recycle all materials possible and create the smallest possible impact on the environment.  We will work with your staff to help get a smooth process in place so that data destruction and material recycling become second nature to all of your employees. To enhance your company’s security while simultaneously supporting your green initiatives contact our customer service team with your questions and needs. Whether you decide that a mobile shredding service or in house data destruction is right for you, let’s get started on a plan to make sure you are compliant and offering your customers peace of mind.

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