Cleaning the Home Will Also Keep You Safer from Identity Theft

Monday, August 17, 2020 8:52 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

People around the world are trying to enjoy the positive mental health outcomes that result from living in an organized, uncluttered space. Keeping your home filled with things you need and eliminating what you don’t is a good way to prevent hoarding, but it also reduces your vulnerability to identity theft.

Whatever your goal, hiring a professional shredder is a great way to get rid of old inessential papers or electronics that could potentially cause a data breach if they got into the wrong hands. Read on to learn more about how professional shredders like Absolute Destruction keep your home clean and secure.

Convenient Paper Shredding

Many homes get bogged down by old records that were once thought important but haven’t been touched in years. Do you have papers lying around somewhere? You need to call residential paper shredders to get rid of these documents securely.

It could be related to tax filings, bank accounts, business plans, old contracts, or it could be just papers containing important usernames and passwords. It’s not uncommon to find these papers sitting around somewhere. They are a necessary by-product of processes people undertake all the time.

Absolute Destruction offers paper shredding services that come right to your location, so you don’t need to lug a heavy box of papers containing sensitive information anywhere. We can come to you for a one-time pickup, or if you prefer, we can drop in weekly or monthly, as needed.

For larger volumes of paper that needs to be shredded, Absolute Destruction will still come to your location. However, we’ll transport your papers to our facility, where they will be securely shredded.

Either way, those old musty papers will be gone from your home. It’ll be one less thing taking up space, and one less way for identity thieves to possess your personal information.

Shredding Electronics

Naturally, much of today’s information circulates via electronics. All an identity thief needs to do is gain a little bit of privileged information, and they can begin to paint a broad picture of who you are. Whether this information is found on paper or electronic devices is irrelevant to the data thief, so you need to be sure to destroy both forms.

Absolute Destruction can help you keep your personal data away from thieves by pulverizing the microchips on your electronic devices, so the information that was stored on them can’t possibly be retrieved.

Electronics can’t just be tossed into the garbage. It’s essential to know the information on them is truly gone, plus they contain toxins that need to be recycled safely.

We always dispose of all the material we shred in the most environmentally friendly way possible, from paper and electronics. Whether you need to shred paper documents or electronics, you’ll know it’s been recycled safely.

Absolute Destruction is proud of our track record, helping our commercial clients reach their carbon targets. We also help homeowners reduce their clutter that could lead to a data breach in a way that also helps the environment.

This summer, keep your home feeling fresh and clean by finally eliminating those stale data liabilities, both in paper or electronic form. Living in such an uncluttered environment will be mentally stimulating, and you’ll get extra satisfaction from knowing that you are safer from identity thieves.

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