Commercial Businesses Need to Stay Fully Protected

Tuesday, July 14, 2020 4:07 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Companies everywhere are rushing to protect themselves from cybercrime, but older threats that have always existed haven’t disappeared. From corporate sabotage and spying to identity thieves looking to obtain your sensitive information and wreak havoc, every business needs to ensure that they are fundamentally secure.

Modern security means clamping down on physical liabilities in your midst, whether they be on paper documents, electronic devices, or other more unorthodox forms.

Let’s look now at how Absolute Destruction offers some of the best shredding services in the GTA so companies can stay protected easily.

Paper Shredding Made Simple

Even with our advanced technology, every office has loads of paper documents somewhere inside that may be containing sensitive information. The list of potential liabilities is long:

  • HR documents
  • Business plans
  • Proprietary information
  • Marketing literature

Nobody wants to lug banker’s boxes filled with sensitive documents so they can be destroyed. Our mobile shredding truck is designed to make it easy to destroy commercial documents at your office without having to lift a finger or worry that there could be a breach.

For smaller volumes of paper to be destroyed, our truck can handle it all right from the curb. If your office has an old backlog of boxes of paper that need to be shredded, we will also come right to your location. But we’ll transport the papers to our facility for secure destruction.

No Stress Electronic Shredding

Paper may be common still, but it’s impossible to run a business today without modern electronics. Many of these devices may be storing information that needs to remain confidential, as electronic data is a liability that can’t be taken lightly.

Absolute Destruction doesn’t just throw your electronics into the garbage. We pulverize the microchips on your old electronic devices, so the information they stored can’t possibly be retrieved. That’s how we know that the risk is eliminated completely.

Some of the electronics we commonly shred are obvious potential data leaks. However, there are some electronics that you may not think of as risky that still needs to be handled carefully:

You’re better off having these devices electronically shredded before they get into the wrong hands. If these or any other electronics are just sitting around the office collecting dust, call a pro shredder.

Not only does Absolute Destruction make it easy to know the liability has been eliminated, but we always take great care to recycle safely. Absolute Destruction is proud of our environmental record, and all the work we’ve put in helping companies reduce their carbon footprint since our founding in 1995.

Cybercrime is an ever-present threat, but old methods of corporate sabotage and identity theft haven’t disappeared either. For a modern company to stay fully protected, they need to call Absolute Destruction to get convenient and secure shredding for all paper documents and electronic devices.

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