Corporate Paper Waste Doesn’t Need To End Up In The Landfill

Monday, August 25, 2014 2:53 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

These days, it pays to be more environmentally conscious, especially in the workplace. In the past, we may not have fully understood the dangers excessive paper waste could pose to the world around us – or even if we did, there weren’t many environmentally friendly options available when it came to dealing with and limiting the kind of tree-destroying waste we now understand is extremely harmful for corporate spaces to generate. But these days, an increased environmental consciousness in society at large, coupled with advancements in technology that allow us to deal with paper waste in a more efficient and eco-friendly way than ever before, means that there’s absolutely no reason not to incorporate green strategies into the everyday workings of your company. And when it comes to being more eco-friendly, more and more corporations are joining in! Not only are people working at an individual level to protect the climate, they are also joining together in groups.

At Absolute Destruction, we’re 100% in favour of this new movement toward corporate eco-friendliness and environmental responsibility, which is why we’re proud to provide services that give your company a way to uphold and maintain greener policies when it comes to paper and data destruction.

The most obvious way in which we can help your company to change its paper-destruction routines for the better is by providing ways for you to recycle more of your waste paper. If recycling is disorganized or decentralized in an office, tons of paper will end up getting thrown away or improperly sorted, but if you use our locking bins and other paper recycling management systems, everyone in your office will know the proper place to put their recycling, and all of that paper placed inside those bins or boxes will eventually make its way to a proper recycling facility through us. Many companies go through stacks of paper on a daily basis, so this is the eco-friendly way to deal with the remains.

What’s more, when you commit to using our services to shred and recycle your paper, you’re not just saving trees (the most commonly mentioned resource when it comes to paper-related waste issues); you’re also preserving water and energy for generations to come – resources that are taken up by making new products, and saved whenever recyclables are generated instead. Plus, we’re so committed to recycling that we want to help in every way we can, which is why we’ll also help your office sort destroy, dispose of  and recycle plastic, glass and even electronic equipment.

Using our services to dispose of your waste paper and sensitive documents, as well as your electronic data, hard drives and encoded information, isn’t just a smart business move – it’s one that can have positive implications for your business’s green initiatives, as well as for the planet at large. Absolute Destruction is committed to helping you help the planet, one piece of paper at a time; contact us to find out what we can do for you and your business today.

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