Data Disposal in the Digital Age

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 5:06 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

The world of document shredding and data destruction services has always dealt with the issues of security, waste, and efficiency. This is why Absolute Destruction, with our history of trustworthy and environmentally friendly service, is still an industry leader and a trusted partner of many information sensitive businesses.

While we have built much of our reputation on reliably disposing of paper-based information in an environmentally friendly manner, we are also conscious of the growing demand for the destruction of electronic information. Data that is stored on hard-drives require a method of disposal that is completely transparent and verifiable. We don’t simply send you a certification claiming that all the information was destroyed, we come directly to your location so that you can be sure the information is completely and thoroughly eradicated.

The shear amount of data created in the current business landscape poses a tremendous threat to information sensitive businesses. 90% of the data that exists today has been created in the last two years and there is every sign that the exponential increase in data creation will continue indefinitely. Almost all of this newly generated data is digital and any business that wants to compete in the modern technological climate has no choice but to keep much of its information on hard-drives and other electronic storage devices.  Even though some of our data can be held in remote servers and in the cloud, it is the most vital information like Intellectual Property and Customer Records that need to be kept within the walls of the business, on-site and in a physical device.

Even with the data remaining on-site, leaving this information out in the open can be risky. In order to overcome this Absolute Destruction offers a great solution: We provide specially designed data containers to store your confidential information temporarily until we can dispose of it at your location. This temporary information storage solution is absolutely free and is one of the many reasons that we are uniquely prepared to meet the rapidly increasing demand for the safe and reliable destruction of electronic information.

Additionally, the disposal of hard drives and other electronic devices can be very environmentally damaging. At Absolute Destruction we ensure that all of the devices are recycled and delivered to facilities that can eliminate as much hazardous material as possible and keep the dangerous metals in electronic waste from leaking into our landfills and water supply.

At Absolute Destruction we still hang our hats on efficient and trustworthy document shredding and destruction. As times change and the world demands a more dynamic and digitally friendly information disposal service, we are fully prepared to meet the challenge while maintaining the principles that have guided us to this point.

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