Document Destruction Is A Huge Part Of Your Business’s Security

Monday, September 16, 2013 2:05 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

It is not unusual for a typical business to produce more than a hundred pounds of paper waste every year per employee. But if you ever stop to consider what type of sensitive and confidential information might be attached to that paper, you will understand the importance of proper document shredding to not only destroy materials that should not be seen by others but also to ensure that the shredded documents are securely disposed so that they cannot be reconstructed.

There are a number of advantages to hiring Absolute Destruction as your professional document shredding service. One of the biggest pros to using our professional shredders is avoiding the risk that comes from attempting amateur disposal efforts in-house. Hiring our professional team to securely shred and dispose of confidential documents eliminates a corporation's risk of being fined for not having an efficient plan in place that safely destroys sensitive documents.  This one task will help your business to be compliant with privacy laws regarding collected consumer data. Companies never risk having a backlog of documents needing to be disposed of when they use Absolute Destruction because our service always keeps track of the time deadlines by which documents must be disposed of according to consumer privacy laws.

Hiring Absolute Destruction as your professional shredding service saves your company money because you do not have to reorganize your employees' work schedules to handle the task or expend more money hiring a new staff member to oversee this job. Companies also save money because they do not have to invest in expensive shredding equipment, which in itself can pose a safety risk to employees not familiar with how to operate such equipment. Another important benefit to using our professional service is that we have access to the best equipment and techniques available to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Having our professional document destruction service dispose of your business' old and unwanted records and files is also much smarter than having one employee gain unlimited access to this information, one of the major causes of unnecessary security leaks that can damage your business and your credibility with customers. Our reliable service guarantees that such sensitive information as social insurance numbers, account information, payroll information, banking documents, sensitive information relayed using memos and phone messages, drafts of contracts, visitor logs and sales reports will never end up being seen by unauthorized eyes to be used against your company's best interests.

At Absolute Destruction we will tailor a program to meet your company's specific needs and timelines. In addition to providing one-time purges of documented information, our secure shredding service can also provide your business with electronic data destruction and hard drive destruction, ongoing commercial shredding services on a contract basis in addition to providing recycling services upon request. Allowing the information contained on old files and documents to fall into the wrong hands due to improper or lax disposal methods can not only result in legal trouble and fines but also may cause your business to fail. Contracting with a reliable and professional document shredding service such as Absolute Destruction is a wise investment in your business's ongoing security.

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