Document Shredding Helps Your Company’s Eco Efforts

Sunday, September 22, 2013 2:11 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

With so many tangible benefits to shredding documents, some companies might be surprised to learn that they can get some ecological benefits out of it as well. At Absolute Destruction we help organizations shred all of these documents quickly and efficiently. Paper shredding services can help boost the green goals that have been set by each company. It may even help them generate some carbon tax credits which can be very valuable. They will want to think about how they can make this work for them. There are actually many options that will be at their disposal if they want to make an environmentally conscious decision to shred documents.

In order to know how to proceed with document destruction your business will want to take a look at the paper shredding options that are available through Absolute Destruction. The right option may actually depend on the amount of documents that you need to have destroyed. Shredding services are offered in our facility or by secure mobile shredding on site. Mobile shredding is a large truck that is capable of storing large quantities of sensitive documents that your company may produce. If you have multiple storage bins on site this truck can handle them. We will schedule it to stop by your office and it can shred the documents right there, without disturbing your flow of business. All of these shredded documents will then be recycled and used to create new paper.

You might be wondering just how document shredding can actually help to save the environment. Above all else, you will be happy to know that shredding documents can reduce the number of trees that are used to produce paper. Furthermore, you can also help conserve water by shredding and recycling these documents. Some people don't realize that it actually consumes quite a bit of water to produce paper rolls. But for every metric ton of documents that are recycled, you can expect to save 17 trees and 7,000 gallons of water. Document shredding can also help reduce the amount of energy and pollution that is generated during the paper production process. This can reduce the overall carbon footprint that your office place generates on a regular basis. For every metric ton of documents shredded, an estimated 4,100 KWH of energy will be saved. All of these elements combine to make this paper shredding service very kind to the environment.

At Absolute Destruction we are dedicated to preserving the sensitive data contained in your destroyed documents. You may have to collect and store sensitive data using these different documents or formats, and we are here to ensure that no matter what medium they are on they never fall into the wrong hands. Furthermore not only do we take care of your sensitive data, we dispose of everything in an environmentally responsible way that both you and your clients will appreciate.

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