Don’t Be The Next Data Breach Headline

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 4:56 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

We’ve seen some big-name data breaches in the past couple years. Equifax. Yahoo. FedEx. Uber. OkCupid. This January, it was reported that between 2002 and 2014, US Homeland Security compromised the names, social security numbers, and staff job roles of its employees and people under investigation during that time. A quick online search for “data breach” brings up waves of companies who have been compromised, including ones you’d think and hope would know better!

There have been many costly thefts of hard drives and other business property containing the personal information of their clients’ and employees’. Washington State University had their old hard drives stolen in the summer 2017 from a storage unit. Storage facilities often have a few security measures in place, perhaps more than your own business or home, yet they still failed. Music artist Kendrick Lamar’s Producer had a hard drive stolen from his car, with content estimated at $1 million. Perhaps your business or home has a room off to the side or a basement filled with old technology, disks, CDs, and filing cabinets of papers just sitting around? This is dangerous, and perhaps you’ve considered this, but you’re unsure of what to do that is secure. The team at Absolute Destruction & Recycling paper shredding services offers safe document shredding and data destruction services that should be a vital part of your security strategy – commercial or residential.

Maybe your business has recently moved to the cloud (or maybe you don’t trust the cloud) and you have a lot of old hard drives suddenly piling up (to add to the other pile from the 2000s and from the 90s). Beyond taking up valuable space, they’re ripe for the picking if someone manages to break into your building, or, even easier, if a rogue employee or a roommate’s house guest easily swoops in. Old electronics and documents that have been long forgotten can be accidentally thrown away or improperly recycled. All it takes is one enterprising dumpster diver and your personal information is compromised. You might think you’re safe because you’ve formatted the drives and degaussed the CDs and DVDs, but the only sure-fire way to be positive data can’t be recovered is by physically destroying the hardware.

It’s important to hire IT professionals who can give you the best encryption services to protect you from hacks on your current system, and give us a call to handle proper disposal of your old ones. Our mobile shredding trucks conveniently come to your business or home to securely destroy computer hard drives and electronic media devices like compact discs, magnetic tapes, microfiche, credit cards, audio and video tapes. We guarantee that upon destruction no data on your device will be recoverable. We’re also dedicated to protecting the environment, so we have a recycling program that’s safe for the planet, too. Upon completion, our customer service representative will supply you with a "Certificate of Destruction" and "Guarantee of Recycling".

Don’t be the next company or private individual with their employee, customer, or personal data stolen and exposed. Identity theft is common but avoidable if you take proper precautions. Be sure you’re protected with the expert staff and services of Absolute Destruction.

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