Don’t Take Chances With Sensitive Data; Keep Your Company Protected

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 4:21 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Crimes such as identity theft and corporate espionage are two examples of what you don’t want to happen with your corporate documentation. It is important that companies ensure that sensitive information is handled properly and that confidentiality is maintained both for customers and employees. Paper documents can be protected by shredding them after use. While the employees of a particular company can do this on their own, this is time consuming and monotonous work, and work that is subject to employee error or negligence. For this reason many companies opt to outsource the work to a shredding service. At Absolute Destruction we will come to your place of business to shred your sensitive documents. If you are searching for destruction services in the Pickering, Ontario area you can find information about our location and view some client comments by visiting  Mobile shredders are often the most efficient kinds of shredding services and by doing a thorough and quick job of shredding documents they ensure that a company is able to protect the confidentiality of its customers and staff.

At Absolute Destruction our capable staff members are specialists at what they do. We are in the business of protecting information by shredding and disposing of documents and we take that responsibility seriously.  All of the documents that need to be shredded are destroyed for good. The trucks sent to work sites have sophisticated on-board equipment that shreds documents thoroughly and completely. We also take care of disposing of all waste. Professional shredding companies for documents with sensitive data have a clear and current knowledge of document disposal laws. They ensure that a company remains legally compliant in their data destruction protocols and activities.

Absolute Destruction mobile shredding services are quick and convenient. We come directly to the office site and take care of the shredding that needs to be done. There is no need to introduce time-consuming and monotonous shredding activities into the work schedules of employees whose skills are better used elsewhere.  Our shredding company is also the most environmentally responsible way to dispose of paper documents. You can rest assured that we are always seeking the ‘greenest’ ways in which to dispose of shredded documentation. The shredding professionals take care of the shredding and disposal of documents and guarantees that the paper will be recycled and this helps to protect the environment.

You may be surprised to learn that if you do a cost comparison between hiring a shredding service versus paying one or more employees to take care of your shredding you will likely come out ahead by going with the professionals. For one fee our shredding service takes care of the entire job. Sensitive data needs to be protected and Absolute Destruction takes the confidentiality of documents seriously. Using our professional mobile shredding service represents one of the most efficient and sensible ways to protect information privacy. With information theft currently being one of the most prevalent business crimes it truly does offer peace of mind to know that your sensitive documentation is being properly disposed of in a timely fashion, removing the risk of a data leak and keeping your reputation firmly intact.

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