Give The Gift Of Eco-Friendly Document Destruction This Holiday Season

Monday, November 10, 2014 2:09 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Somebody you know is buried in ancient documents—bills, contracts, personal details, financial information. Their office, basement, or garage is a wall of white and manila papers, bank boxes and desk drawers bursting at the seams and hinges with old bills and receipts. Or maybe your friend doesn’t keep a long paper trail, but is surrounded by electronic junk—laptops, disc drives, CDs and DVDs, keyboards and screens—the clutter that still contains residual traces of personal or financial data, buried somewhere in those dusty pathways. They won’t let it go of it because, as we all know, identity theft is on the rise; a simple dump of papers or electronics into the garbage means leaving yourself open to attack. So they keep amassing, building up their never-ending piles of useless stuff, some shadowy future date invoked whenever someone asks, “When are you going to clean all this up?”

It’s always tough to find a present for someone who has it all—or just too much—so this holiday season, consider giving the gift of a clean home and a clutter-free office with Absolute Destruction’s residential shredding services for both electronic and paper-based materials. We make it easy for people who aren’t used to letting things go. Fully insured, bonded, and ID-bearing representatives will arrive at your friend or loved one’s door, arriving on one of our mobile shredding trucks, so there’s absolutely no need to drive to a facility or re-locate yourself. With a shredding truck outside the residence, all document destruction is done on-site, so you have the reassurance that everything sensitive is absolutely annihilated, irrevocably! Afterward, we present a “Certificate of Destruction” to set minds at ease. We’re also happy to offer a service to help you get things sorted before our arrival, too, by providing (and delivering) bags, containers, and boxes of various sizes. This is entirely free of charge, and should make the process of shredding on the big day even easier. As for electronic materials, the process is almost exactly the same, except we replace the shredding truck with an ultra-secure, on-site crusher. Since we’re committed to environmentally friendly practices, we proudly give a “Guarantee of Recycling” after permanently eradicating all hard drives, audio/video tapes, credit cards, and so forth.

The benefits of helping someone emerge from a mountain of paper or plastic are numerous. First, you can give the gift of a stress-free environment. Too much clutter distracts and arouses anxiety. The more debris that piles up, the more stress we feel. Having a clean and tidy living environment invites peace and harmony into our lives. Knowing what to prioritize and attend to in a systematic way comes with having a clean and sensible workspace. Moreover, and most importantly—hanging on to obsolete documents and electronics is only inviting disaster, as the longer someone clings to them, the higher the chance that they’ll one day simply dispose of the items. And this of course invites identity theft!

Far from expected, and far from needless, the gift of safe and eco-friendly document destruction can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Holiday shopping is already stressful, and sometimes superfluous—give someone the truly useful present of a stress-free, de-cluttered household or office by contacting Absolute Destruction!

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