Give The Gift Of Security This Holiday

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 12:20 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Right now, you probably have at least one person in your life who’s buried by old paper. But there’s nothing vintage about their collection of invoices, contracts, bills, taxes, and personal details. It’s more of a mess than anything as their garage, office, spare room, or basement has been overrun by banker’s boxes full of folders and towering piles of paper. Even their wallets are full to bursting with old receipts and bills!

Perhaps it’s not a paper trail your friend keeps but a digital footprint, and all of their space is taken up by old electronics. Computers long since outdated sit next to dusty keyboards, stacks of CDs and DVDs, and other bits and bobs of long-ago tech. Inside all of it sits the traces of files containing personal and financial information, which is the reason why they haven’t thrown any of it away. They’re well aware of the rising threat of identity theft. Old electronic data is just as susceptible as any physical document, making it a bad idea to dispose of at the side of the curb with the rest of the garbage.

So they can’t throw out their personal documents and electronics, but when space is at a premium, they can’t continuously collect their junk for all eternity either. This is a conundrum that only our residential shredding services can solve, which is a simple yet thoughtful gift for the holidays. Unlike gag gifts that will add to the mess or gift certificates that require them to go out and brave the crowds, our document destruction service is incredibly convenient. Our fully insured and bonded representatives will arrive at your friend’s door whenever it suits your loved one’s schedule. They’ll arrive with one of our mobile shredding trucks, where they’ll personally transport all of the electronics and paper documents. Our trucks have passed NAID certification, and their blades make short work of both electronic and paper documents, destroying them completely before heading towards a secure recycling plant.

Our document destruction process is so secure we present a “Guarantee of Destruction” upon completion, giving our word that any sensitive material is completely and utterly demolished, with no chance of retrieval. Alongside our destruction certificate, we’ll present to your friend a “Guarantee of Recycling”. We’re proud of our commitment to the environment, and we do everything that we can to offset the waste that our industry deals with. Due to our efforts, we’ve managed to save over 1,100 trees and over 1,600 cubic yards of landfill space to date!

Imagine your friend’s surprise to receive such a helpful and thoughtful gift. Not only are they finally rid of the paper and electronics taking over their home, but they’ll finally experience the comfort of a de-cluttered and clean living space. More importantly, as they’re enjoying the full space of their rooms, they’ll feel secure in that their disposed documents and electronics won’t be exposing them to identity theft.

This holiday season, don’t waste money on gifts that your friend doesn’t need or want. Give them the gift of security, with the added benefit of a clean and clutter-free home. Document destruction is an unexpected, useful, and considerate present for those overtaken by junk, so get in touch with us before the holidays start in earnest to book your friend’s first appointment!

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