How Document Destruction Can Align With Environmentally-Friendly Practices

Monday, November 17, 2014 7:17 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

According to recent statistics, the incidence of identity theft is growing rapidly every year. As a result of this activity, combined financial losses have reached over $50 billion. Nevertheless, these statistics also reveal that the chief source for these thieves is hard data; in other words, personal information is being adopted from outdated documents. For this reason, both small and large businesses need to invest in the trusted and secure services of a professional document destruction company like Absolute Destruction.

While most organizations consider general and industrial waste in their waste management plans, recyclable card and waste paper are sometimes omitted. Our destruction specialists can ensure that all shredded materials are properly disposed or fully reused and recycled. All paper-based data can be recycled and put to better use instead of being allowed to rot in landfills, which causes environmental hazards. With the help of mobile shredding, waste data is shredded on-site, reducing our carbon footprint. By using our specialists, you can save trees and energy and reduce the overall amount of pollutants released into our air, water, and landfills.

There are many other benefits to using Absolute Destruction. Our mobile document shredding service will ensure that documents from both inside and outside your building are properly shredded. In these competitive times, it’s never a stretch to imagine a competitor or data thief going through your bins to get some dirt on your company or steal valuable employee/client information. Our on-site shredding truck will allow you to watch the destruction in process, giving you valuable peace of mind! One should only trust in experienced and reputed companies known for their safe and reliable practices. If sensitive information gets out, your company and employees could become another statistic in the soaring identity theft figures. Secure, crosshatch shredding keeps your sensitive information from coming back to haunt you.

Another service that we offer is electronic data shredding. Electronic information is as vulnerable to theft as hard copy documents. Some would even argue that electronic information is more sensitive because of its ability to be uploaded and sent to millions of people around the world with the click of a button. Stored hard drives can also be stolen even after degaussing, which makes you all the more vulnerable if you are still using standard disposal techniques. With our professional equipment, it’s easy for our team to take care of bulky hard drives, CDs, and DVDs so that your company can secure the data of your employees, customers and clients. When it comes to document destruction being carried out through environmentally-friendly practices, trust our team at Absolute Destruction.

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