How to Keep Your Business Safe from Modern Threats

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 7:10 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Modern technology evolves with incredible speed, and unfortunately, identity thieves are often a step ahead. Every company needs to take advantage of all the incredible benefits technology provides, but you need to take precautions too.

In practice this means being proactive about data security when it comes to paper documents and electronics. Here are the ways we help you do it.

Destroying Electronics until They’re Unreadable

The defining feature of truly trustworthy commercial document destruction is that the electronics are not just thrown away or merely broken; they are broken to the point where the microchips in them are unreadable. You have to anticipate that an identity thief could get hold of the electronic device, and when they do, it must be impossible to retrieve any information from it.

The list of electronics that Absolute Destruction can securely dispose of is long, and may contain some surprising items: Hard drives; flash/USB drives; backup tapes and drives; laptops and tablets; cell phones; photocopier and printer memory cards; data tapes, and more.

The threat that rivals will try to steal electronics and get a hold of your data is real, but the greater threat is actually from within the company. A British multinational security services company named G4S estimate that the cost of corporate espionage is as high as $1.1 trillion annually. 

Nobody suspects that they will be the next victim of identity fraud or corporate espionage, and when they find out that they are, it’s too late. You need to keep your business safe, so call us to learn more about the ways Absolute Destruction can destroy any electronics that potentially leave you vulnerable to security threats.

Shredding Unwanted Paper Documents

Going paperless is a commendable modern initiative, but realistically all offices produce a significant amount of paper, and often large volumes of it. Any paper that contains sensitive information that you don’t need should be shredded.

Your office may have banker’s boxes stuffed with paper that have accumulated over the years. Do you really need all this paper? If you actually do need it, keep it in a controlled environment where it’s truly safe. If not, shred it! We take our commitment to the environment seriously, and always make sure that we recycle as much waste as we possibly can.

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Plus, Absolute Destruction makes it easy to destroy small and large volumes of paper securely. Our mobile shredding truck can pull up to your office and destroy it all on-site. If you have a high volume of paper to destroy, you don’t need to worry about transporting all those heavy boxes. Our truck will pick it up and bring it to our facility. Absolute Destruction makes it both easy and secure.

Don’t let rivals find out about your trade secrets, information about your clients, financial information that lets them offer your competitors better deals or marketing information that lets them sink a campaign before you launch it. Guarding yourself against modern threats is vital, but you need to make sure you’re invulnerable against older forms of industrial espionage, too.

Business has always been cutthroat, and various threats like old fashioned paper documents to the range of modern electronics require a proactive response from every company — if you need professional document destruction, Toronto and the GTA has the services you need. Just call 1-866-997-3444, and Absolute Destruction will keep you and your company safe from security risks.

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