How to Safely Get Rid of Your Old Computers

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Laptops and personal computers, just like other technology, become obsolete over time. These pose several challenges when it comes to their disposal. When companies upgrade their equipment, the old units usually contain a lot of sensitive information, such as financial data, emails, and photos. The same goes for computers that are used at home.

One thing you should consider is to not throw your electronics in the garbage when you’re disposing of old tech. Aside from this move being against environmental guidelines, you also open yourself up to identity theft via any information these devices may contain.. There are other methods you can use when you need to get rid of old computers without exposing them to such issues.

This article will provide you with details about e-waste and helpful tips that will allow you to dispose of old devices safely.

E-Waste Hacking

Your computer is somewhat like a treasure chest where you store all valuable items, with the valuable items being your personal and work information. You can easily protect your “valuables” while your computer is still with you, but what will you do once you get rid of your old rig and buy a new one?

When you dispose of old computers, some people can open and access all information in it, even if you delete or format your hard drive. Many owners also fail to realize that data stays in the hard drive even if their old computer stops working. Even if they delete and send everything to the Recycle Bin, the danger of information being gained from these storage systems still remains.

If your hard drive is not destroyed, hackers can access things like credit card information and home addresses left in it. Businesses who simply delete information and not destroy these old drives are the most vulnerable to security breaches.

Electronic waste or E-waste poses serious security threats to both individuals and businesses. If disposed improperly and without following EPA guidelines, you also expose your surroundings to harm since these have chemicals that are harmful to the environment. You should be aware that in recent years, the generated e-waste in the world weighed over 50 million tons or 7.3 kilograms per person. Norway, France, and the United Kingdom were noted as the countries with the most e-waste per capita.

More problems can also arise once material information is derived from these improperly disposed computers. In an e-waste conference, e-waste hacking was treated as an overlooked crime. The possible reason for this was the lack of awareness of many people. Also, on average, cybercrime reached $1 trillion worldwide every year.

This issue was discussed in another research where a researcher bought 85 electronic equipment for $650. He retrieved over 300,000 files, including photos, documents, birthdates, social security numbers, and credit card information. This problem continues and has become more evident in the last two years.

Many people and businesses don’t know how to properly wipe out information from computers they’re throwing away. It was proven in the same research. Even WiFi passwords can be hacked using an external hard drive and old devices.

Do you want to know how you can avoid these issues? In this next section, you’ll find tips on how to get rid of old computers properly.

Ways to Safely Get Rid of Your Old Computers

It can be challenging to get rid of old computers. Aside from environmental laws, hacking threats must be considered. There are steps you can follow to do proper disposal yourself. Here are some tips you can use for disposing of old computers.

Back Up Information

Before deleting all info, make a copy and transfer it to your new computer or an external hard drive. Deleting data permanently can’t be undone, especially if you’re not a techie. You can also transfer such data onto another device, like a tablet or USB thumb drive. If you don’t want to transfer the information to another device, a cloud drive or file storage can be considered.

Permanently Remove Files, Accounts, and the Hard Drive

Log out from all websites and apps, and then disconnect all connected devices to these logged-in accounts. If possible, change your password after doing this. Hackers can gain access to your accounts via these devices if you forget to do this.

Delete everything so that hackers and users can’t access it. Sending files to the recycle bin is also not enough since these will stay on the hard drive. To permanently delete information, you must clear your trash bin and format the hard drive after.

Get the Services of Destruction Companies

Sometimes, even formatting a hard drive isn’t enough. You can’t really be sure whether or not there are traces of information left on your formatted hard drive, which can be accessed by talented hackers. The most surefire way of getting rid of any sensitive information that may still be lingering in your old devices is to have these destroyed.

Asking for the help of companies that specialize in document destruction in Brampton will ensure that all information is destroyed together with your hard drive. They can guarantee that all info will be disposed of properly when they destroy the equipment you deliver to them for disposal.

Donate to Charitable Organizations

If your old computer is still working, you can donate it to charitable organizations. This is a relatively safer option than simply throwing old computers in the dumpster. Just make sure to remove and replace storage units that carry your valuable information, like your hard drive. It’s also proper that you  clean the device before giving it to someone else.

Talk to Experts or Businesses For Shredding and Disposal of Commercial Data and Old Computers

Disposing of personal computers and other old devices that carry sensitive data can be very risky if not done right. By following these steps, you can prevent the problem of data theft and identity theft from happening due to the disposal of your old gadgets. If you need help shredding and disposing of commercial data and old computers, there are people who can help.

Reach out and seek the assistance of the experts at Absolute Destruction. They can send a uniformed truck team to help you with your computer disposal needs. You can rest assured that proper document destruction in Toronto and disposal of sensitive files and equipment happens when these pros handle it.

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FAQs on How to Safely Get Rid of Your Old Computers

How much e-waste is produced every year?

Over 50 million tons or $63 billion of e-waste is produced every year.

Can a business that disposes of old devices be punished?

There is no direct law on e-waste management, but the government may impose standards on electronics disposal and toxic substance management.

What is data security?         

Data security pertains to the standards and technologies that aim to protect data from intentional or unintentional destruction, disclosure, or modification.

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