It Is Easy Being Green When You Use Mobile Shredding Services

Friday, November 15, 2013 5:40 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

If your company needs to have documents professionally destroyed they have a great option at their disposal. At Absolute Destruction we provide secure and reliable document destruction services in the GTA.  You can trust that we will arrive on time and provide efficient shredding services to your company, using techniques that are not harsh to the environment. You won't need to worry about protecting your confidentiality when you work with us. We take customer confidentiality seriously and make sure that all documents are effectively and completely destroyed. In order to discover what sets us apart from other shredding companies you can read through our website to find out how we deliver green recycling and destroy your documents effectively.

We go the distance to revolutionize the waste management system at your office as we even furnish your company with specialized storage bins which allow your employees to throw away old or unused documents. Some of these documents may still retain some sensitive information, which is desirable information to data thieves. If you haven't found the right destruction company yet, you can place your trust in Absolute Destruction. Our storage bins are locked and secured which means no one will have unauthorized access to them. You can trust that we will effectively provide total confidentiality to the documents you want to recycle.

The flexible range of our services means all you have to do is schedule mobile shredders to come to your place of business regularly and at your convenience. Our mobile trucks come straight to your company to take care of data handling and destruction. Our insured collectors will bring the locked bins straight to the truck so there isn't any risk of losing any documents. The documents themselves will be shredded within the truck so you won't even need to worry about losing them in transit to another facility. The crew then brings the bins back in to your office to get them ready for the next load of documents. All of this is accomplished discretely and without interrupting your flow of business in any way.

Many businesses will be interested to know that mobile shredding services are extremely environmentally friendly. After documents are properly handled and destroyed the remaining paper material is sent to a recycling facility. When the job is complete, your company will be issued certificates of destruction and recycling. This gives you the guarantee that you have received the services that you were promised. You can even monitor the way that the mobile shredders handle your documents. If information handling at your business is something that is not yet being handled properly, consider contacting us at Absolute Destruction and we will help you to keep costs down, keep your sensitive data secure, and help you achieve your green initiative goals.

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