Keep Your Employees And Clients Safe From Information Theft

Monday, October 28, 2013 7:00 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Keeping employees and clients safe is a huge responsibility. Identity theft can happen to anyone and stealing personal information is easier than before. The key to keeping yourself and others safe is to shred documents and destroy electronic data files on a regular basis. Destroying documents allows companies to advertise that they keep their clients’ and employees’ information safe. This is a huge benefit in business today. Hiring a company that specializes in document destruction and document shredding will ensure that your sensitive data is handled properly and professionally. They will come to your office or home and take care of the paperwork and files for you.

At Absolute Destruction we help you keep your clients and employees safe from people who steal information like credit card numbers, bank account numbers, payment information, billing information, and addresses. Imagine a client's bank account information falls into the wrong hands and before anyone knows what is happening, their bank account is cleaned out. The problems and cost for such a mistake can be devastating. Even worse the client could sue you! We have the best solution to stop these kinds of problems before they ever happen.  Absolute Destruction destroys records and paperwork for you so that you never have to worry about being sued for information theft.

We offer a variety of services to help suit your needs perfectly. We can dispose of paper information through shredding, including full mobile shredding services. We offer free containers in which to store sensitive paperwork until we come to shred it. We also offer recycling programs for shredded paperwork, helping the environment and protecting people at the same time. We can destroy electronic information. Our on-site services allow you the ability to verify the destruction of sensitive information letting you be 100% sure of job completion.

Document destruction and document shredding are important services that we offer to businesses so that you can guarantee client confidentiality and staff privacy. This important service can save your company thousands of dollars in potential lawsuits. It can also allow you the ability to prove document destruction to existing and potential clients. Destroying documents and document shredding is a responsibility that each business owes clients, employees and suppliers. Our company offers your company peace of mind that we destroy these files for you on-site or off-site, depending on your choice. Our employees help you keep your employees and clients safe from identity theft and stolen information.  Absolute Destruction offers your company the highest protection from information theft. Allow our staff to come to your office or building, take care of any data destruction that is needed and then present you with a Certificate of Destruction to show you that we have destroyed your documents. We will even give you free locked containers to house sensitive information until we come back to shred information the next time. We help you protect yourself by protecting those you work with and work for.

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