Mobile Shredders Save Time, Money, and Law Suits

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 6:56 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

There are several benefits to hiring professional shredding services. At Absolute Destruction we come directly to your business and take care of all of your unwanted documents in a quick and eco-friendly manner. This saves you time, money, and the possibility of law suits. It’s a fact in today’s world that we have to be on our toes at all times when it comes to identity theft. You don’t want to put yourself or your clients or employees at risk for this crime. The hazards of letting sensitive information fall into the wrong hands can result in security breaches and huge liabilities. Provincial and federal laws require companies to properly destroy all sensitive information before disposing of it. Severe repercussions will follow if this is not done correctly. That is why hiring the professional shredding services of Absolute Destruction is the ideal solution, allowing you to have peace of mind that no information is going to put you at risk.

Our mobile shredders will come to you, further protecting personal information from falling into the wrong hands. You want to make sure your employees are kept safe, along with your clients. Identity theft will result in large monetary losses, not to mention the hassle of trying to straighten everything out. You don’t want to be the source of so much frustration or to be held responsible. The mobile service at Absolute Destruction will remove all of your confidential records from your residence or business efficiently, and we will destroy them quickly in the mobile shredding truck. Because you don’t have to transport this sensitive information to another location you are further decreasing the risk of anything slipping into the wrong hands. All services are done by a bonded representative. You feel at ease when our staff arrives in full uniform with photo IDs. You’ll have total certainty that your employees and clients are protected against identity theft any mishandling of data.

In addition to feeling secure you will save time and money. Having mobile shredders handle your document destruction will save your staff considerable hours put into shredding this material. The long process can end up being costly. It also takes your employees away from their regular duties. At Absolute Destruction we finish the job quickly while your business goes on as usual. Be sure to ask about the other services we offer. Our electronic destruction can take care of unwanted hard drive and electronic media which also need to be destroyed and disposed of properly. We can also set up a recycling program for your cans and bottles, as well as paper documents. All of our services are backed up with a certificate of destruction and a guarantee of proper recycling.

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