Mobile Shredding Services Are Convenient And Cost Effective

Thursday, September 19, 2013 2:09 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Most businesses take all of about five minutes after they hire their first employee or take their first credit card order to realize that they need document shredding. The idea of irate employees or customers calling because their private information got into the wrong hands startles the imagination and scares most people because we know it could happen. The problem for most of our customers continues to know when is the right time to shred and what is the most cost-effective way to shred? Let's take a look at both of these questions and share some solutions.

When is the right time to shred documents? Well the correct answer to this question partially depends on which documents we are discussing. At Absolute Destruction we recommend many day-to-day documents such as scratch pads used in human resources offices and accounting offices and other short term documents be shredded each day as the information stops being necessary. Shredding these types of documents daily prevents the information from going missing while you wait on the next big shredding day. A different question is when is the right time to shred documents which have been in storage due to record retention policies? In this case, the question becomes more related to logistics than privacy concerns. Regardless of your company's size the task of pulling the old records for document shredding can be daunting. There are problems related to getting out the files, confirming the correct labels mark the boxes and then arranging for the documents to be shredded. The amount of labour involved can make this a cost-prohibitive project in terms of time and money.

Typically business ramps up in the fall months after a summer lull and this is often an ideal time for companies to do document purging. Most of the documents with private information relate to human resources and accounting. While any time of the year presents challenges for most organizations, the months before the holiday and season often offers one of the best opportunities. This time of year is important because many human resources and accounting departments find a lull in activity before the benefit renewals, end of year parties, and end of year accounting duties. "Lull" may mean little more than a minor dip in the time commitments for the departments, but sometimes that's better than nothing.

Absolute Destruction offers comprehensive document destruction services that are appropriate for any size and kind of business.  We would be happy to help and show how we can make document shredding convenient and cost-effective. Our teams bring experience and our extensive inventory of shredding equipment to work on your documents. Working together, we destroy the files and dispose of the waste, eliminating two of the most significant concerns with shredding. We can also take care of any old hard drives and other data which needs purging while we're at it. Protect your clients and staff today by making sure your sensitive data is properly handled.

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