Mobile Shredding Services Are Socially And Environmentally Responsible

Sunday, June 2, 2013 5:25 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

The need to run a business in a socially responsible manner comes in various ways and changes as society changes. One of the more pressing social and fiscal issues today is protecting the privacy of information and the handling of sensitive data. Information, whether at your home or business, is stored in both paper and electronic formats and offers the opportunity for identity theft and financial fraud if it isn’t handled in a responsible manner. At Absolute Destruction we have fifteen years of solid experience in handling the disposal of your sensitive data.  We will help you protect your business from liability and give you the confidence of knowing you are being socially responsible with private information.

Documents that contain financial, personal or sensitive information eventually need to be destroyed or removed from the business property as space becomes limited. Compounding the issue today is the fact that more and more businesses are opting to transition all paper documents to electronic records for security and storage purposes. Although most business owners are aware that they should shred their sensitive information, they may not all be aware of what their legal obligations are in this regard or how to ensure that data is destroyed completely and responsibly. Absolute Destruction offers comprehensive data destruction services and we will work with each business to both educate them as to their legal obligations and to find the shredding solution that bests suits their specific business needs.

The most cost effective way to ensure professional data destruction is to enlist the help of a shredding service provider in your area with the assets and experience to make sure that your vital data never falls into the wrong hands. Absolute Destruction can be completely trusted to destroy all paperwork, forms and documents. Because we have the tools, equipment and knowledge required to destroy documents and digital information, you will have peace of mind knowing your important information is protected. Here at Absolute Destruction we provide the best shredding services Toronto has to offer and we can’t wait to hear from you.

Along with the socially responsible aspect of mobile shredding is the added benefit of being ecologically smart. As a trusted and professional shredding service, Absolute Destruction provides recycling solutions for all of your discarded documents. Your business can watch the documents being destroyed and verify that the remnants are removed from the location. Hiring a mobile shredding service offers a complete and non-intrusive way to keep your information safe in an affordable manner while you are conducting business as usual. Documents do not need to be boxed up and shipped out to be destroyed as the entire process, from start to finish, is done at the business location and is simple, fast and effective. You will be able to rest easy knowing that your business is doing the right thing for your staff as well as for the environment.

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