Preventing Data Breaches Starts at Home

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 6:11 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Awareness about privacy rights and security breaches has increased in the last few years, after too many headlines about a company or political party that got exposed. It’s a good thing that people are generally aware of the risks out there, because identity thieves are real and they can wreak a lot of havoc quickly.

But that doesn’t mean you need to stress or fear too much — Absolute Destruction’s shredding services make it extremely easy to sit back and relax, while we come over and eliminate whatever data liabilities need to be addressed.

Keep reading to learn how Absolute Destruction can come right to your home to offer unparalleled convenience and secure shredding services that meet all your needs.

Mobile Shredding

Hollywood has created some wrong perceptions about why people need to get paper documents shredded. In movies, it’s often characters with something to hide furiously feeding papers into a shredder, before the authorities can get their hands on them.

In the real world, people simply want to keep sensitive information private before they’re improperly obtained by identity thieves. There are many types of documents people commonly have around the home, which are a product of being a citizen.

Such a list includes:

  • Banking records
  • Papers with usernames or passwords on them
  • Tax information
  • Old contracts
  • HR information

If an identity thief were to obtain such papers, they could use this information as leverage for extortion or blackmail, or simply to drain your bank account. Identity thieves today are often one step ahead, and they don’t always need a whole lot information to put together a distressingly complete picture of the person whose security they’re trying to pierce.

That’s why Absolute Destruction offers home shredding services that are as secure as they are convenient. We can come right to your home and shred smaller volumes of paper right from outside your location, so you don’t need to lift a single piece of paper or stress about security vulnerabilities.

For larger amounts of paper, we can still come directly to you, but we’ll pick it up and transport it back to our facility where it will be securely shredded.

Shredding Beyond Paper

Naturally, our digital era is filled with electronic devices storing sensitive information. If an identity thief obtains confidential information, it doesn’t matter whether they obtained it from a paper or electronic document.

Call Absolute Destruction when you have electronic devices that need to be destroyed securely. We will pulverize the microchips until the data that was stored on the device cannot possibly be retrieved. If you have old, possibly obsolete electronics that are just sitting around your home collecting dust, get them destroyed securely so they can’t be used against you.

Finally, Absolute Destruction offers specialty destruction services to handle the most unconventional or unorthodox forms of sensitive information you may have. Some forms of sensitive data are industry-specific, such as X-rays or dental moulds.

However unusual your specialty document destruction shredding needs are, Absolute Destruction handles it all. Some specialty destruction needs are not very niche at all; we destroy objects like access cards, ID cards, pharmaceutical packaging, uniforms with logos, and more. If you have any such objects sitting around your home office, get them shredded by a professional soon.

De-cluttering your home while also protecting yourself from identity theft is a smart way to keep your home clean and safe. Call Absolute Destruction to your home to prevent a data breach today.

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