Protect The Privacy Of Your Clients And Employees

Monday, January 27, 2014 9:08 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Document destruction is an essential part of businesses who work with confidential client data and contract terms. Using a simple document shredder is not enough. Businesses that are committed to protecting the sensitive data they handle count on the professional services of a reputable document shredding company to get rid of both printed and electronic data in a safe and timely manner. Data destruction comes with many options and although it is important that you keep your business compliant with privacy rules, you do not have to have your flow of business interrupted in order to keep data secure.

Hiring an outside party for document destruction is an ideal way to dispose of your sensitive information. It would be really unfortunate if confidential material or client information fell into the wrong hands. The threat of identity theft or corporate espionage should be a big enough reason for you to want to properly destroy your documents. This will keep your clients and company safe from prying eyes who could use private information to their advantage. At Absolute Destruction document destruction we have the answer for getting rid of sensitive documents that need to be destroyed. After completing destruction of printed and electronic material we will provide you with a time stamped certificate of destruction, offering both you and your clients peace of mind that the job has been done properly. If you have left a paper trail on the Internet you don’t need to worry; nobody will be able to trace your steps or information if you need all evidence of activity erased from online databases. You can rely on our service to erase your online activity and history in no time.

At Absolute Destruction we also provide sufficient paper recycling services for all of your shredded documents. Your information will not be accessible or legible anymore; thus, there is no reason for you to worry about it being used against you. However, shredded paper can still be reprocessed and turned into additional products or mulch. Our mission is to ensure that your documents are properly disposed of or re-purposed depending on your needs. We work hard to ensure that you incur no risk from destroyed documents. Traditionally used methods of destroying data on old computer hard drives may not be 100% effective on today’s state-of-the-art technologies.  In order to be certain that your data has been completely destroyed the hard drives will be crushed and the materials recycled upon completion. The crushing of the equipment means that the information can never be retrieved by anyone. The proverbial two birds will be killed with one stone as you keep your information private while at the same time protecting the environment.   Absolute Destruction will provide you with your time stamped certificate of destruction after each session.

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