Schedule a One-Time Purge When You Move

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 8:45 am, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Funny how you don’t know how much stuff you own until you try to pack it all up. It may not look like a lot spread throughout your home, but as soon as you start gathering it up in boxes, your belongings can seem like they triple. Closest are full to bursting; the spaces under beds are packed; your home office is more paper than furniture. Before you know it, what was supposed to be a quick job turns into a gigantic responsibility. While we might not be able to help you navigate your couch down the stairs and into your moving van, we can assist your move in another way. We can dispose of your papers and electronics to reduce the amount of stuff you have to move.

Purging before a move isn’t news. Moving experts have always advised moving homeowners to carefully go through their stuff before they pack it all up. They suggest sorting your belongings into three piles: keep, discard, and sell or donate. As the foremost security experts in the GTA, we’d like to make an addendum by adding one final category: the shred pile. A lot of the paper and old electronics we keep in our homes contain very important personal data that shouldn’t go into your garbage or recycling bins. By placing these items in the trash, you run the risk of exposing confidential passwords, account numbers, and contact information.

For most people, the biggest collection of paper is in their office. It’s a place where we stash any number of invoices, bills, financial statements, receipts, contracts, and other important data. In the interest of keeping them for ‘just in case’ purposes, these rooms become home to towering piles of paper where desk drawers and filing cabinets are teeming with documents you might not need. Before you know it, the mess can spread to your spare room, garage, or basement.

You could pack all of this up into banker’s boxes and transport the mess from one home to the next, or you can take a proactive step to keep your new house clutter free – and your move a little less painful. Our shredding services can be booked for one-time purges for exactly this reason. All of our shredding is done on-site by fully bonded, insured, and uniformed personnel. If you need time to sort through your various papers before we arrive, we can also provide you with complimentary boxes or bags to help contain the mess.

We also have secure electronic data destruction that you can schedule alongside your paper pickup. Our powerful mobile shredders are strong enough to destroy old hard drives, computers, CD-ROMs, and other various devices. If your basement is a burial ground for obsolete computers, dusty keyboards, and other electronic leftovers from yesteryear, don’t pack these up for your next home. Get them shredded by the experts.

Moving is stressful. It’s considered to be the most anxious life event, preceded only by death and divorce. Why make yours any harder than it has to be by having to pack more than you should -- or worse, risking identity theft by throwing out what you shouldn’t. Lighten the load of your move by scheduling a one-time purge with our professional team. Together, we can make your move a little simpler and lot more secure.

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