Shred Your Way to Safety: How We Keep Security Threats Away

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 5:32 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Some steps towards safety are ingrained in our daily routines — everybody locks their doors before heading out of their home, or looks both ways before crossing the street. But when it comes to keeping your sensitive information out of the wrong hands, few people have cautious habits built into their routine. Whether this sensitive information is personal or commercial in nature, it’s important to keep it to yourself.

Absolute Destruction encourages you to be proactive in this respect, because by the time you find out there’s an active threat, it’s often too late. We’d like to remind you about the ways we can help you and your business keep security threats away.

Paper Shredding, Made Easy

Your home or business likely contains paper documents that could be used against you if they got into the wrong hands. It could be an accumulation of basic information, which can be used to commit identity fraud. It could be business rivals seeking to obtain your trade secrets, learn about commercial deals you offer competition by finding your private contracts, or something else.

If you have paper documents with sensitive information that you no longer need, the safest thing to do is shred it. We come directly to your home or office to make it easy, so you never need to worry about transporting so many pounds of paper.

For smaller jobs, we can shred your paper documents directly at your location in our mobile shredding truck. For bigger jobs, we collect the materials which need to be shredded and transport them to our facility, where they are totally and securely destroyed. You can visit our homepage to see all the ways we make shredding your paper documents easy and secure.

Electronics Destroyed, Safely

While shredding may be popularly associated with the destruction of paper, much of the sensitive data you hold is likely to exist in electronic form, and we specialize in destroying it. Your home or office may contain a range of devices which may all be storing sensitive information — if you have any questions or doubts, let us know because we’re always here to help you stay safe.

Some of the electronic devices you need to consider destroying are: Flash or USB drives; old laptops, smartphones, tablets or computers; hard drives; photocopier and printer memory cards; backup tapes and drives, and more.

It can be very difficult to fully scrub all the material on these devices manually, and merely throwing them out in the garbage is dangerous. Even physically breaking these devices is not enough. Shredding them altogether is the only way to be certain that the data stored on them is unrecoverable.

For more commercial shredding, feel free to read this informative business document security blog for a more comprehensive explanation of how we can keep your company’s information out of the wrong hands. 

The steps we take in our everyday routine to keep us safe were a response to common threats around us, and today’s data security threats are largely new. This means many people are not conditioned to respond to a very real and pervasive threat. Absolute Destruction advocates for greater awareness of the liability risks people face by not taking the right precautions with their data, and we’re dedicated to helping you eliminate these risks in your life.

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