Small Paper Shredders Can Be Ineffective And Dangerous, So Trust To A Professional Service

Friday, December 19, 2014 7:56 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

When you’re expecting a child, you’ll know that “baby-proofing” the house is an essential step that all expectant parents have to perform. As little kids start crawling, stumbling, and moving about on their own, the need to keep potentially dangerous materials, openings, and edges covered or concealed is of crucial importance. Kids are curious, and imitate what they see their folks doing, which can of course lead to unforeseen dangers. The same home-making process, though to a lesser degree, must be performed when there’s a new animal companion on its way. Inquisitive pets can get into surprising places, and shouldn’t have access to anything that could cause harm.

Though they’re rarely (or naturally) thought of as extremely dangerous, one home appliance that has in fact led to some heartbreaking disasters is the electronic paper shredder. There have been many avoidable injuries associated with this common tool—so much so that the American Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released a set of reminders and guidelines to minimize the incidence of injury. Lacerations, amputations, and other forms of bodily harm affect young children under the age of five most commonly; toddlers with extremely small hands have tragically had their fingers caught in the teeth of these machines. Veterinarians have had to euthanize dogs and cats who’ve had an encounter with entrancing shredders. When home shredders have automatic start-up features, dogs have had their long tongues and ears caught inside, leading to horrific results. Regardless of age (or species!), people with long hair, dangling jewelry, or loose-fitting clothing are at risk of potentially devastating injuries when not focusing while using a basic paper shredder.

If you have to destroy a large volume of documents at home, this might be enough to make you start to think about safer alternatives. If you run a business that deals in massive amounts of paper shredding, you’ll also want to ensure the safety of your employees—any injury they sustain while on the job is ultimately your responsibility! In addition to safety concerns, paper shredders are simply not suitable for mass document destruction. Having an employee dedicating hours, potentially, to shredding paper is simply not a cost-effective solution to keeping data out of the hands of thieves. You’ve hired a staff to perform more germane duties, and entrusting a trained member of your team to perform this repetitive and boring task won’t lead to happy employees. Moreover, the more you have your team engaged in menial activities, the less they’re bringing their skills to bear on more important tasks. However, you might not always want to leave all document destruction to janitorial staff—who’s to say that your average cleanup crew might not be tempted to sneak a peak—or, more distressingly, pocket a document that could land your organization in hot water if it fell into the wrong hands?

Luckily, you can count on our services here at Absolute Destruction to completely eliminate all physical and privacy-related safety issues. Our employees are completely reliable, trained experts who realize that confidentiality is your top concern. Our special on-site shredding trucks will keep all involved safe and sound and never lead to injury or harm. We’ve effectively eliminated all struggles with the conventional paper shredder and made document destruction our field of expertise. Never again worry about what that old shredder might do, or be unable to do—we’ll meet your data destruction needs every time and give you peace of mind, guaranteed! Contact us today to set up an appointment and never think about shredding the same way again.

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