Stay Safe By Letting The Professionals Shred

Sunday, June 28, 2015 10:30 am, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Considered helpful little machine by most, personal paper shredders have the potential to be highly dangerous in households with children. With sharpened blades under powerful forces, it’s no wonder so many kids hurt themselves while using paper shredders. Yet, despite the risks, shredders still pose the best defence against potential document and identity thefts. If you have children of your own, you don’t have to put your family at risk. With our document disposal services, you can be guaranteed your personal security in addition to your family’s health. Our professional service representatives know how to dispose of paper and digital documents safely.

As you can imagine, personal injuries caused by shredders are horrific, yet sadly, they’re a reality. In 2004, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) published a study evaluating finger injuries that were a result of home paper shredder machines. As an independent agency of the US government, the CPSC is a regulatory body of consumer products. Its duties include evaluating the risk household items and appliances pose to people in order to instate safety regulations, issues for product recalls, and even bans on products that are considered too dangerous for public use.

Their findings on home paper shredders suggested that these machines do pose a risk, especially to young children. Between 2001 and 2003, there were 23 reported cases of finger injuries caused by these machines, 15 of which involved children who were younger than 5. Their small fingers were easily pulled in by the blades when these small children were allowed to help their parents shred. Even if children weren’t allowed to operate the shredder, there were instances that the child found the machine when not under supervision. Curious, unsupervised children and shredders left plugged in with an automatic function is the start to a horrible equation. Pets that are prone to licking are also at risk of this function.

If you have small children, having a shredding machine in your home is an unnecessary risk – one that we don’t want any family to take. By calling our number, you can have all of the benefits of shredding without any of the potential dangers. Our helpful and bonded service representatives will deliver containers that you can fill with all of your paper and digital documents that require destruction. These containers are unobtrusive and can fit anywhere within your home office, coming in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate any house and schedule.

Once you’ve filled up your container, our representatives will be back in our mobile shredding trucks to destroy your confidential material on-site. They’ve been specifically trained to operate our machines, so they can guarantee the complete and safe destruction of your documents. Most importantly, this happens far away from your children’s fingers.

When home paper shredders have been proven to be dangerous to children, there’s no reason to put your family at risk by keeping one in your home. When our services are so convenient to schedule, you can keep this particular machine out of your home and still reap the benefits of proper document disposal.

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