Summer 2017: The Year of The Staycation

Monday, July 31, 2017 1:48 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

The smell of barbeque is in the air, your fridge is fully stocked with craft brews, and the ubiquitous sound of hammering is filling the neighbourhood. It’s obvious that summer is finally here in the GTA. Even busy at work, your favourite document destruction services in Toronto, Absolute Destruction, can’t ignore the signs.

As the sun shines brightly on our little corner of the world, many of us can’t wait to jet set across the globe on their summer holidays. For many of us, exotic locales and far-off getaways entice us to leave behind the daily grind and forget all about our troubles. Those who can’t block out their siren’s call have already booked their flights to far away destinations.

They’ll leave behind a growing number of Canadians who have more familiar locations within their summer sights. According to, the popular discount travel website, over three-quarters of the country (77%) plan to keep their vacation within the country this summer. The staycation — a twee portmanteau that was a fad of the travel and tourism industry — has become a veritable travel trend.

According to Expedia’s survey, there are many factors influencing Canadians’ decisions to stick close to home. July 1 celebrated the country’s sesquicentennial birthday, and many people booked their holidays to coincide with local events. There’s also the fact that the loonie is performing poorly this year — to the point that Huffington Post has deemed it the “ugly duckling” of global currency. Combined with the rising costs of travel during peak times, international tours are out of the question for many families. Of course, increasing concerns for geopolitical issues and terrorist attacks doesn’t help matters, so security concerns are just another reason why Canadians aim to staycation in 2017.

Luckily, we live in a beautiful country brimming with local events, cultural celebrations, and natural delights to hold our attention this summer. For our readers who live in Toronto — or who don’t mind taking the GO into the city — there’s Carribana, Festival of Beer, Taste of the Danforth, and the Ex’s food trucks to explore this summer.

There’s something going on in any every little pocket of the country. So close to cottage country, Barrie is a popular destination for those who want to escape the asphalt for the woods. London, though smaller than Toronto, still offers a variety of street festivals and special events throughout the summer.

It’s usually around this time of year that the crew at Absolute Destruction reminds our readers to travel with security on their minds. Don’t let your guard down just because you’re sticking close this summer. Abroad, we often make security a priority as we use unfamiliar ATMs and visit unusual places. By comparison, we barely think of cybersecurity during a little day trip. It’s easy to fall into a false sense of security just because you’re around familiar sights.

Don’t fall into the trap wherever your summer takes you. Remain vigilant at home and abroad by keeping an eye on bank statements. Don’t shop at places that make you uncomfortable and be sure to employ safe online shopping techniques. Last but not least, make sure you destroy any travel documents that record your financial information as soon as you don’t need them anymore.

We can help you tackle these travel documents with a one-time purge, or we can set up a regular pick-up schedule for steady paper files and e-waste disposal. Call to secure document destruction in Barrie if cottage country is where you call home.

Don’t forget we’re also a shredding company in London in addition to the GTA, so we can help you successfully destroy documents for good wherever you live in Southern Ontario. Just give us a call once you’re back from your staycation. Together, we’ll make sure your fun in the sun won’t affect your credit score for the rest of the year.

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