Tech Hubs Need Professional Electronic Shredding

Tuesday, June 16, 2020 2:48 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

It seems like every day the newspaper carries yet another story about a company or even a political party getting hacked. Cybercrime is rampant, and the consequences can be devastating.

But at tech hubs, the Cloud isn’t the only place storing highly sensitive information. Ultimately, whether a data breach is purely online or is caused by a physical device being stolen, the essential thing is sensitive information has gotten into the wrong hands.

Waterloo is North America’s largest tech hub, so shredding sensitive electronic devices is an essential component in their web of overall security. Keep reading to learn more about why tech hubs need the services of professional shredders.

Peace of Mind

For tech hubs, old hardware and devices may store sensitive data that can’t get out into the public domain. Physically destroying electronic hardware you no longer use is the surest way to guarantee it no longer poses a data liability.

Competitors could possibly dumpster dive if you just throw the electronics into the garbage, so that’s why you need to destroy hard copies fully and thoroughly. Absolute Destruction will always pulverize the microchips to the point where the data once stored on them can no longer be recovered.

Only then is the risk totally eliminated. At that point, we issue a certificate of destruction to testify that the data entrusted to us has been fully destroyed, so that tech hubs can enjoy peace of mind.

As one of only about 2,000 worldwide members of the National Association for Information Destruction, Absolute Destruction is proud of the level of service we provide all our clients, from tech hubs and beyond.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Some electronic devices people immediately associate with data storage, such as computers, tablets and other electronic devices. However, tech hubs are likely to have other electronics in their vicinity which pose data liability risks.

Here’s a list of the electronic devices we can fully dispose of safely:

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • USB/Flash drives
  • Photocopier or printer memory cards
  • Data tapes
  • Back up tapes and drives

Tech hubs need to know that they are fundamentally secure, so they can put all their energy into expanding their business and keeping up with the swift pace of their industry.

Environmentally Friendly

Like companies across sectors, tech hubs have environmental targets they need to reach. It’s impossible to overstate the need for society to reduce its carbon footprint, and Absolute Destruction is proud of its environmental record over the years.

Since our founding 20 years ago, we’ve helped all our clients reduce their e-waste in a way that’s environmentally friendly. Electronic components need to be recycled carefully, since they may contain harmful toxins that need to be separated and contained safely.

Waterloo tech hubs know that their e-waste will be disposed of safely when they call Absolute Destruction.

Protecting your business from cybercrime is essential in a world where we all depend on advanced technology every day, especially given how many vulnerabilities there are and the frequency of hacks. But that doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore the risk of non-digital breaches. When you’re looking for the best shredding companies in Waterloo to eliminate your electronic waste in a way that’s convenient, secure, and environmentally friendly, call Absolute Destruction today.

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