The Importance of Document Shredding in Canada

Friday, October 28, 2011 5:48 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Whether its financial statements, business contracts, customer information, and much more, every business has sensitive information that must be securely discarded. If a business fails to secure their sensitive and confidential documents, the consequences can be devastating. Identity theft, fraud, and corporate espionage are common today and if sensitive information is stolen from a business for such purposes, the business could face lawsuits, bad publicity, a damaged reputation, and loss of business. In some cases, a business may never recover from such a security breach. For this reason, it is important for every Canadian business to implement secure document shredding practices.

Because the importance of privacy and confidential is growing, there is now laws that require businesses to handle confidential documents securely and safely. The Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act outline the fundamentals regarding document retention and destruction. The details in the Act include the mandate that a business must not only secure current confidential and sensitive information, but also secure the disposal of the documents that the business no longer needs. A company must implement security procedures to ensure sensitive information is properly destroyed. Document shredding services have now become a key part of ensuring confidential documents are permanently and securely destroyed.

Because most businesses today do not have the budget to buy a large industrial shredder for in-house shredding, document shredding companies have become an efficient document waste disposal solution. Document shredding services offer secure document destruction services that ensure complete security, confidentiality, and a thorough destruction of the documents. A Canada document shredding service has established a specific security process that protects a business and saves the business time and money.

Whether it is an on-site or off-site shredding service, the confidential documents are protected throughout the entire document destruction process. From the time the a representative picks up the documents to the time the Certificate of Destruction is given to the customer, the customer's business interests are completely protected. As well, the company will have provided locked bins that are distributed throughout the office where staff will place the sensitive documents that are to be destroyed. The documents are handled by a representative in a sensitive manner and they are never left unattended. The shredding company follows a strict and secure chain of custody. The documents are passed through a powerful industrial shredder that shreds the documents in tiny pieces that are like confetti. The shredded paper remains are then sent to a recycling facility for recycling.

Today, more industry, organization, and businesses are managing a lot of sensitive documents that must be secured at all times. Because of the threat of fraud as well as identity theft, which is the fastest growing white collar crime in the world, document shredding companies have become vital to ensuring that sensitive business information remains out of the hands of criminals. For any Canadian organization that requires an efficient and secure method of destroying confidential document waste, document shredding services are the most effective, secure, and economical solution.

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