The Spring Cleaning Big 3: Clean It, Shred It, Crush It!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 6:48 am, Posted by Absolute Destruction

After a brutally cold, damp, and dark winter, we’re looking forward to spring. Spring cleaning refreshes our homes and our headspaces. The warmer weather won’t truly hit until late April, if we’re lucky, and it’s good to get a jump start on the cleansing ritual now to be done by then. For us, it’s prime time! We’re ready to help you with the real March Madness: tackling the junk, grime, and accumulation of stuff you don’t need in a safe, secure, and environmentally-friendly way.

Clean It

An annual deep clean pushes the reset button and allows you to take it a little easier the rest of the year. Be sure to clean top to bottom for efficiency. Excess dirt and dust tends to fall downward during cleaning, so you can finish things off with a good floor cleaning. That means take out the step ladder to reach ceilings, walls, and shelves first. Move on to using an environmentally-friendly all-purpose spray or make a simple vinegar cleaning solution to avoid spreading toxic chemicals around. Finally, give those carpets and floors a vacuum, and give bare floors a scrubby mopping. Make things less of a chore with an upbeat playlist or a set of comedy podcasts to lighten the mood.

Shred It

This next part is truly satisfying for Absolute Destruction & Recycling services. Gather up all the documents you don’t need and get ready to shred! We’ll come to you with our mobile shredding trucks driven by a uniformed, bonded, and photo I.D.’d customer service representative to handle it all for you. You’re completely safe getting rid of sensitive materials and personal information by shredding on-site, and you can verify the process with your own eyes. We also bring you free consoles and containers to use in advance. Once shredded, we’ll recycle it all! There’s no need to hang onto your tax returns from decades ago. In Canada, you only need to hold onto documents for six years. The rest are taking up space, and you’re increasing your security risks the more mountains of paper there are languishing in your basement or office. Holding on to everything ‘just in case’ is a bad habit that can lead to worse places. Hop over to our FAQs about document destruction to help with spring cleaning questions.

Crush It

Do you also have any old computers, laptops, tablets, or phones hanging around that you’re not sure what to do with? Keeping them and forgetting about them is also a security risk. If they’re accidentally thrown out by you or a clueless roommate, or, worse yet, someone breaks into your home, they’re ripe for the picking. We also handle electronic data destruction. There are ways to retrieve the data from discs that you think you’ve reformatted. Our ultra secure on-site hard drive crusher not only sounds awesome, it ensures that your confidential information is destroyed and irretrievable. Our recycling program extends to this e-waste as well, so you’re not in any danger of your old equipment leeching into a landfill. Have any questions? You can always contact us to learn more by email or phone.

These three steps will give your place a super purge and alleviate stress and build up you didn’t know you had. Absolute Destruction & Recycling Corp. serves the Greater Toronto Area, and we also offer services across most of Southern Ontario. Crush your spring cleaning with us this year!

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