Things To Consider When Hiring A Document Destruction Company

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 2:56 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Document shredding is now revered as the best method of shredding sensitive documents, whether it is for business, organization, government agency, or individual shredding purposes. This is due to the fact that it is the most secure document shredding process. For this reason, more businesses and others are hiring document destruction companies. There are a number of document destruction companies offering document shredding services which can make it confusing to choose the best shredding company that meets your document destruction needs. To make your selection easier, below are a few things to consider when hiring a document destruction company.

Document Destruction Services: When choosing a document destruction company, look for a company that offers mobile shredding. With mobile shredding, a truck with an on-board industrial shredder will travel to your location and shred all of your papers on-site. This is a very convenient method of document destruction as you can watch the shredding of your documents via CCTV. Document destruction companies will also offer off-site document destruction services where they pick up your papers and take it back to their facility for shredding.

Compliance: Document destruction is not just a way to securely destroy your sensitive and confidential papers, but it is also a way to adhere to government laws regarding the proper disposal of sensitive documents. The document shredding company should adhere to all government laws and compliance requirements as it will provide the peace of mind you need knowing your sensitive documents are in safe hands and destroyed using a method that ensured permanent destruction of the papers. This will ensure that you are protected against lawsuits and government fines for failing to comply with document disposal laws.

Costs: The document destruction company you choose should offer reasonable competitive rates. Some charge by bin and others charge a standard fee. Also, the document destruction company should arrange document shredding services at schedule that is convenient for you such as weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.

Eco-friendly: A good document destruction company will have established an eco-friendly way of disposing of the shredded remains. An environmentally responsible company will take the shredded remains to a recycling facility to be recycled into paper products. It is also promotes your business as a socially responsible company.

Security: A good document destruction company should have implemented the highest security and confidentially protocol. The staff should have undergone extensive background checks and their shredding process should include never leaving the documents that are to be shredded unattended. After the shredding process is complete the company will provide you with a Certificate of Document Destruction. Also, most document destruction companies provide special locked bins where the documents are placed for shredding. These locked bins are distributed throughout a location and the company representatives pick up the bins and dump the documents into the shredding machine.

The services of a document destruction company are invaluable. They ensure the secure and permanent destruction of your sensitive documents. The document destruction company you hire should make privacy and security the highest priority.

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