Tips on Ensuring the Best Paper Shredding Procedures in your Office

Thursday, September 22, 2011 3:29 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

As a business owner, you likely know how much paperwork can accumulate in the office. The problem with too many papers being stored in an office is there is a high risk documents containing sensitive and confidential information getting lost, stolen, and then used for criminal endeavours. This means that your customers, employees, and clients could become the victims of identity theft and fraud. The result can be expensive lawsuits, loss of customers and clientele, and a loss of sales. A damaged reputation can seriously impact a business. For this reason, it is essential that every business implements paper shredding procedures in their office.

Securing Documents On-Premises

When you secure your documents on your premises, you need to create a secure document management system. This includes classifying, storing, and disposing of sensitive documents in a way that is secure. No papers should be shredded in a way that allows a person to put the papers back together. Office shredders available at department stores and business supply stores are not efficient enough to thoroughly destroy documents. In addition, employees must not take any documents that are deemed sensitive out of the office and the papers should not be thrown in the garbage. Dumpster diving is too common of a practice these days. Papers should never be put in a recycle bag at placed at the curb for recycling pick up. As well, a secure paper destruction policy should state who in an office has the authority to classify a document as "ready for shredding."  It is wise to have someone verify the documents were destroyed properly.

Paper Shredding Service

Hiring a paper shredding company will significantly reduce the chances of the loss and theft of sensitive papers. A shredding service will ensure that your business maintains compliance with government regulations. For instance, a document destruction company will provide locked bins that are distributed throughout the office. The employees will place all of the sensitive documents in these bins. The shredding service will come to the location of the business, pick up the locked bins, and either take them back to their facility to be put through a powerful industrial shredder, or they will bring a shredder with them on their truck to the business location and shred them on-site. With on-site shredding, an employee can witness the shredding of their documents. Upon completion, a Certificate of Document Destruction will be given to the business. This is legal proof that the documents were permanently destroyed and identifies the company's authorizing officer and the disposed item's unique service request number. The shredded pieces are like confetti and they are taken to a recycling facility where they will be recycled.

Whether you manage a large enterprise or a small business, you will greatly benefit from a secure paper shredding policy. The services of a document destruction company should be a key component of the policy. Shredding services helps keep track of important documents and ensures that sensitive and confidential information is destroyed in a secure and efficient manner.

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