Travel Tips In Time For March Break

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 5:51 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

For plenty of families in the GTA, March Beak is a welcome escape from winter. After the latest surprise snow storm, we can’t help but search out our fun in the sun this March. If, like many Canadians, your family has plans of going abroad this week, remember to keep your personal information away from prying eyes on your vacation. The crew here at Absolute Destruction have created a quick guide to ensure you have a safe and fun mid-winter getaway. But don’t worry if you plan on having a staycation this year. We’ve got a list of local sights to take in with your family, too.

Whether it’s the UK, Cuba, or somewhere in Asia calling your name, don’t let your destination fool you. Though most countries are perfectly safe to visit, we tend to let our guards drop while we’re on holiday. Follow these steps to make sure you don’t accidentally share more than your photos this March Break:

  1. Only bring the cards you need for your holiday: You can pack your suitcase as full as you want, but when it comes to your wallet don’t subscribe to the same philosophy. You should only bring with you the essential identification and payment cards that you absolutely need for your trip. Don’t bring your SIN or birth certificate. In the unlikely event your wallet gets stolen, these pieces of ID can be used to steal your identity.
  2. Let your bank know you’re travelling: Notifying your bank of your plans is a simple and easy way to keep you protected. Our banks routinely monitor our accounts and look out for suspicious activity. By letting it know you intend to be in another part of the world, you’ll avoid the frustration of having your accounts put on hold temporarily as your bank investigates these unusual purchases around the world. It can also help your bank catch any suspicious activity happening in your home town while you’re supposed to be away.
  3. Destroy old travel documents: Selfies and souvenirs aren’t the only things we bring back with us after a long trip. We tend to keep travel documents like hotel receipts, boarding passes, and other invoices recording our financial information. Like anything that contains personal information, these papers should never see the inside of your garbage bin. You should always make sure confidential material is disposed properly. Call us for a one-time purge to destroy these documents, as well as any other files or electronics you have in your home office.

Staying secure is pretty simple, even when you’re miles away from home, but escaping the overcast city for a tropical resort isn’t the only way to celebrate March Break with your family. This year, we’ve scoped out some local hotspots that could pose as a fun and interesting way to spend the week.

Submerge Yourself into the ROM’s Blue Whale Story

The Royal Ontario Museum debuts its Out of the Depths: The Blue Whale Story this March. The special exhibit shares the work of 2 marine biologists who recovered two of the nine blue whales that died off the coast of Newfoundland when they were trapped by ice in 2014. In addition to the 80-foot blue whale skeleton, the exhibit offers hands-on activities that explore the global decline of the blue whale population.

Check in at the Ontario Science Centre

There’s always something fun and enlightening scheduled at the OSC. This March Break highlights Biomechanics: The Machine Inside, a special exhibit that examines the way living things have evolved and continue to function in response to the world around us. On loan from the Field Museum, The Machine Inside reveals the reasons different parts of the human body work compared to other species.

Explore a National Park

This year marks Canada’s 150th anniversary, and Parks Canada is celebrating by issuing free Discovery Passes to all Canadians. Put your pass to use this March by exploring Rouge Park, the only National urban park in the GTA. You can also use your Discovery Pass to cover the admission to the HMCS Haida and the Trent-Severn Waterway marine conservation sites. Check out the Parks Canada website if you haven’t already ordered your pass.

Whether you intend to leave on a jet plane or organize a local adventure, let us know what your plans are. However you mean to celebrate the break, we hope you and your family enjoy it. And remember, get in touch when the fun is over and you’re ready to dispose of your documents.

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