What Happens To The Shredded Material When Data Is Destroyed?

Friday, September 19, 2014 8:23 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

At Absolute Destruction, there are a few things we find ourselves repeating – to ourselves and to our clients – again and again. If you’re familiar with the work we do, you’re probably aware of them already. Things like: fraud and identity theft are an unfortunate reality in the world today, and whether you realize it or not, you need protection from these crimes in both your personal life and at the office. Choosing to simply discard personal or business-related documents into the trash can or recycling bin leaves you at risk. Even a small shredder is probably not enough to protect your information. Pieces of documents can be easily retrieved and reassembled, providing your information to crooks.

For all these reasons and more, we do our best to make shredding services as easy to use and as available as we can to the clients we work hard to serve. But there’s another question that we get asked less frequently whose answer is just as important as any of these other facts about the services we provide: what, exactly, happens to the material we help you to shred or remove from your business once it’s taken care of? For most of our clients, we provide the locking bins or other methods of storing recyclable goods, data, paper or information, and then our reliable servicepeople come and destroy the materials onsite. But we always do our best to emphasize how important it is to us to recycle everything we can when it comes to your destroyed items. So what exactly is it that we do with these materials after we destroy them, and why is it so important to us?

The reasons are simple. Even though offices use less paper these days than in previous decades (thanks to information technology and the rise of computers and the internet), paper consumption is still high, and the paper production industry still has an alarming level of impact on the world’s resources. Over 30 million acres of forest are razed every single year, and a large portion of this goes toward the production of new paper. Forests are a crucial part of the world’s ecosystems, and the more living trees there are in the world, the easier it is for all living things, from insects to animals to humans, to live. We want this earth to be a safe place to live, not only for ourselves but for future generations, and that’s why we place such a premium on recycling the shredded paper materials we help you dispose of. For every recycled piece of paper, we’re not only saving trees – we’re helping to save water, power, landfill space, and all kinds of other resources involved in the chain of paper production.

That’s also why we’re so committed to helping you recycle all the resources in your office that might otherwise go to waste. Our on-site shredding and digital data destruction services are the cornerstone of our business, but we’re also happy to help you dispose of your cardboard, aluminum cans and glass bottles in an environmentally sustainable manner. By using our services to recycle your office’s waste, you’re not just helping to create a greener and more eco-friendly work environment – you’re also helping the planet. Contact us today and see how we can help make your business – and the world – a greener place.

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