What is a Data Breach & Why Does it Happen?

Tuesday, July 20, 2021 9:00 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Whether you're at work or home, the risk of a potential data breach can cause various problems. Almost everyone is in danger if they don't take safety measures beforehand. A data breach can occur in many ways. Hackers can take over networks and invade them, while others might gain access to confidential documents. 

What is a Data Breach?

data breach occurs when an unauthorized individual or group retrieves confidential or protected information. The person without permission uses those documents to extract sensitive information. The individual or company that suffered from the data breach might have been targeted specifically. 

Why Does Data Breach Happen?

There are various reasons why a data breach can happen since people might have different motives. Data breaches are easier to perform in households or workspaces where there is a lack of security. Here are some reasons why data breaches happen and ways that you can prevent them.

Insufficient Document Security 

If someone has been eyeing an organization, they will look for weak points, such as insufficient document security. One way to prevent this from happening is to destroy documents that are no longer needed. You can discard confidential information by obtaining commercial data destruction services.  

Leaving old documents might pose several security threats. It can be an issue in various industries where the papers consist of information about clients, patients, employees, and all other company stakeholders. Getting rid of these documents professionally will prevent data breaches.

Human Error 

Unfortunately, human error is a contributing factor in over 95% of security incidents. It can occur by setting weak passwords, sending sensitive information to the wrong people, falling for cybersecurity scams, or not discarding documents properly.

Although it is natural for humans to make errors, employees need to take security measures more seriously. For example, if a staff member is responsible for throwing out old documents, they might not have done it correctly. For maximum security, hire professionals for document destruction in Toronto to ensure that the task is completed efficiently.

Malware Threats

Cybersecurity threats such as malware can be problematic for many companies. Malware is software designed to damage a computer or network through viruses or worms. Cybercriminals use this type of malicious software to gain access to data. 

To prevent malware threats, you need to upgrade your computer security with multi-layers of protection. For example, you need to install anti-virus software, teach your employees how to detect and avoid clicking on suspicious links, and avoid sharing passwords.  

Neglecting Home Security

Data risks don't end at the office. You need to take security measures even if you are working from home. Whether your documents include private data about your company or your family members, it is necessary to protect them. You can use services for residential data destructions to enhance security. Hiring a professional to destroy documents that are no longer useful carefully will enable you to rest assured. 

A data breach can potentially harm you or your company in various ways. Stay safe by increasing security levels at your workplace and home.  

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