What You Should Know About Document Destruction Obligations

Monday, February 24, 2014 2:43 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

In today's world it is imperative that people protect their personal information. The Internet has made available almost any information that one would hope to find on an individual or business but there are secure ways to keep information private. Most people are not fully aware of how much access they allow others to have to their sensitive information, thus making them less aware of the proper way to dispose of personal identifying paperwork or electronic files.

At Absolute Destruction document destruction our service allows individuals and businesses the comfort of knowing that their files and data are being destroyed in a manner that will allow no one to be able to use them for any purpose. Private detectives are very keen on ways to find out anything about a person. From the person's birth-date to what the person ate for dinner. Electronic files carry more information than most people realize. Gone are the days of snooping in the trash can to find out about a person who is unwilling to share. Say hello to the modern world of file sharing and downloading. The scary part is that anyone can hire a P.I. to investigate whomever they choose, and for whatever reason they choose.

Identity theft has become a serious and growing threat to current society. More and more people are finding that their once perfect credit record has been completely demolished after very short periods of time. Hackers are able to pull up any information with just a few basic bits of information on a person. The information needed can be gathered from discarded paperwork or electronic files. No matter how the hacker gets it, the outcome is the same.  At Absolute Destruction our staff is trained on how to properly and securely dispose of all types of files.  Our business offers on-site shredding to customers. By shredding documents on the premises, we allow our customers to see what we are doing, every step of the way. Whether you are a business or an individual who wants to clean up your files, we are able to make sure it is done in a safe and effective manner. Once documents are shredded we recycle the paper. Not only have we helped our customer, but we have also given back to the community.

Electronic files that have been saved on a hard-drive or external media are required by law to be destroyed by businesses. If a business fails to complete this step they may face customer repercussions and/or severe penalties from the government. Absolute Destruction will go to any business and eliminate all data from all devices. We not only remove everything, but we also provide certified verification to the client. Using our service is cost efficient and can save a lot of legal hassle in the long run.

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