What’s The Difference Between Using Absolute Destruction And Just Recycling?

Friday, March 21, 2014 1:30 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

At Absolute Destruction, we offer guaranteed and extremely secure shredding services for all your most sensitive documents. This is pretty easy to understand in theory, but in practice, you’d be surprised at the amount of confusion a new set of bins, or a new step in the process of document disposal can be for your staff. When people get used to a certain type of system, or if they’ve been doing things a specific way forever, it can take some time for them to change their habits and get used to a new style of doing things like disposing of their recycling, and you may find that you have to inform your staff of the difference between our secure, locking bins and containers and the regular recycling bins you already have in your office.

There are lots of changes in modern offices that, historically, have taken people some time to get used to. We no longer use typewriters, computers aren’t giant rooms full of blinking machines that spit out punch cards anymore, and the days of Mad Men-like drinking in the office or taking naps on the job are, for the most part, long behind us. All these differences may seem natural to us now, but in the days when the transition from one type of routine to another was being made, these new ways of doing things seemed counterintuitive or difficult to a lot of people. People in your office may simply be used to having two bins to dispose of any waste – a garbage can and a recycling bin. Throwing a third container in the mix – especially one with a secure locking mechanism – might confuse your employees at first, not because they lack the faculties to understand what document shredding is, but because they don’t understand what the bin is for. We’ve seen people using these containers for garbage disposal, dumping huge piles of documents that don’t technically need to be shredded into them, or even simply just standing around them and staring, trying to figure out what the purpose of this new bin might be.

At Absolute Destruction, we’ve found the best solution to this problem is to explain to your staff that the best use of the bin is for documents that are secure, confidential and need to be taken care of swiftly; keeping the recycling bin for less important documents is still a good route to go if you’re looking to keep your costs down and save the bin for its intended purpose. Keeping it in the same room as your other recycling and garbage bins will help to reduce confusion, and before you know it, there’s a good chance your employees will be used to the bin and using it properly in no time.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the shredding services we offer, or what the best ways to implement them in your office might be, contact us today to talk about the options we have available to you.

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