Why You Should Choose A Local Shredding Company For Your Document Destruction Needs

Thursday, October 30, 2014 8:17 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Think that confidential information regarding you, your employees, or your business will never get into the wrong hands? That you’ll never be the victim of identity theft? The statistics might shock you—according to studies, 1 in 4 adults have had their identity stolen. Just imagine applying for a mortgage and finding out that you have accounts in your name that you know nothing about?

If you have sensitive materials that need to be shredded and disposed of, you can call on us. Our team at Absolute Destruction offers mobile shredding trucks that come straight to you. We will happily pick up your sensitive and confidential documents from both your place of business and from your home. Choosing a local company like ours to take care of your document destruction needs is always an excellent choice—we can get to you quickly, helping you shred and move on as soon as possible.

Private businesses (large and small) and government agencies require absolute confidentiality when dealing with documents. We will set up a secure and customized program for your company's recycling and disposal needs, coming out to your home or business to shred, purge, and destroy all sensitive materials on-site—and then safely dispose of the byproduct. In addition, we can provide secure, locked containers for your documents, free of charge!

In addition to paper shredding, we can purge all your electronic data and computer hard drives, backing up any information you’ll need in the future. We also have the ability to destroy compact discs, credit cards, and audio and videotapes. After destroying these items, we ensure that all materials are properly disposed of. If we all participate in environmentally friendly practices and promote positive recycling practices, we can dramatically reduce the negative impact of waste on the environment, preserving our forests and waterways. In today's society, we produce a staggering and almost unimaginable amount of trash on a daily. With our landfills overflowing and global temperatures rising to catastrophic levels, it is up to us to do our part not to add to this disaster.

With both identify theft and the threats posed to our environment, it is extremely important that we take the necessary steps to protect ourselves, our families, and our employees. Don’t let this issue fall through the cracks of your business practice. Make sure that you safely dispose of all confidential documents with guaranteed certainty—choose our local shredding company team at Absolute Destruction for complete peace of mind!

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