Wondering Why Destroying Sensitive Information Is So Important? Find Out More!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 1:30 am, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Fraud and identity theft are an unfortunate reality in the world today. Whether you realize it or not, you need protection from these crimes in both your personal life and in business. Just discarding personal documents into the trash can or recycling bin leaves you at risk. Even a home shredder is probably not enough to protect your information; pieces of documents can be easily retrieved and reassembled, providing your information to crooks.

With our shredding services, Absolute Destruction can help protect you from the unscrupulous characters that would love to benefit from victimizing you. Absolute Destruction can come to your business or residence and destroy all of your sensitive data right on site with our mobile shredders. We provide a whole range of services, including one-time or scheduled visits, so we will be able to fill your needs no matter what they are. Our customer service representatives are bonded, uniformed and checked out before they come to work for us, so with the certificate of destruction that we provide, you can rest assured that your personal information is gone for good.

Protecting your business is important. There are laws in place requiring that sensitive information be destroyed and you want to stay compliant. You also don’t want any of your trade secrets or ideas to fall into the hands of your competitors as that could give them an unfair advantage. A disgruntled employee can leave with information from your business and sell it to a competitor or to another criminal. There is also the issue of your own legal responsibility to protect the information that you have on file for your employees and clients as an employer. Our mobile shredders eliminate these problems, ensuring that your documents will never fall into the hands of anyone who isn’t meant to see or have them.

Valuable information can also be stored on your computers and if someone gets their hands on a hard drive (for one example) they can pull information off of it, even if you think it was erased. For years, it was believed that a technique called “degaussing,” which involved gradually demagnetizing the hard drive until it became ostensibly useless, was the best way to completely destroy electronic information, but now, since the technologies used to protect the most sensitive parts of these hard drives has vastly improved, this technique is no longer guaranteed to function. Degaussing is not always going to work, but our on-site hard drive crushers will.

Perhaps most importantly, however, there is the question of what we are actually going to do with all of this material once it’s been turned from sensitive documentation to shredded paper or scraps of plastic and metal. We’re proud to offer comprehensive recycling for every single job we complete, and will offer you detailed information about exactly how much paper or material you’ve been able to recycle with each job we complete on your behalf. Contact us today to find out exactly what Absolute Destruction can do to help your business!

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